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$100 HoN Tournament

By kustodian - 28th September 2009 - 07:45 AM

After two successful tournaments we are continuing to support the Heroes of Newerth competitive scene, by organizing another tourney and this time with $100 prize money to the winning team. The format of the tourney hasn't changed; first two rounds of the tournament will be played during the week starting from October 5th, but this time the main event will be on Saturday October 10 and we are introducing some new item restricting rules.

IPB Image
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IPB Image
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Tournament details:
  • Date:
    • First round: October 5-6
    • Second round: October 7-9
    • Last 3 rounds: Saturday, October 10 at 18:00 GMT (Time Zone Converter)
  • Teams: There will be a cap of 32 teams each consisting of maximum 8 players
  • Game type: 5vs5, Normal, All Heroes, Alternating Picks with bans (*read the explanation on the bottom)
  • Rules:
    • 2 Astrolabes per team
    • 1 Puzzlebox per team
    • 1 Ring of Sorcery per team
    • 2 crowd control items per team (Totem of Kuldra/Stormspirit)
      These rules can change at any time. It is the players responsibility to read and stay up to date with the tournament rules.
  • Map: Forest of Caldavar
  • Location: All games will be played in the Clan Gamereplays channel (except the games during the week).
    Type this command to join the channel: /j Clan Gamereplays
  • Prizes: $100 to the winning team (money will be sent via PayPal)
  • Format: The tournament will be a Best-of-One, Single Elimination
  • Contact: If you have any questions ask the tourney manager, Tedde IPB Image.
*Alternating Picks: Each team gets 3 hero "bans" alternating 1-1-1-1-1-1, then each team picks like they would in random draft, 1-2-2-2-2-1, the team that banned first picks first. Better seeded team always bans and picks first. Bans are announced in the lobby before the game commences, if a team selects a hero that has been banned, they are to remake within 5 minutes or the match is forfeit (if the opposing team will not accept the vote remake, then THEY forfeit).

Fine Print:

Sign-up: Sign-ups are starting today and will be open till Sunday, October 4 at 8:00 AM GMT. To sign-up for the tournament the team captain has to send a PM to the tournament manager, Tedde IPB Image with the following information:
  • list of in-game names of minimum 5 and maximum 8 payers,
  • in-game name of the captain,
  • PSR of all players and a team average PSR
Date and time: To convert the tournament starting time to your time zone, use this Time Zone Converter. The event on Saturday, October 10 will be finished within an estimated 3-4 hours. Please plan your time accordingly!

Matches during the week: Team captains will be responsible for organizing matches during the week. When we release the brackets there will also be a list of all team captain's profiles on GR, so you can contact them via private messages. After the match has been finished, send the result and a screenshot of the final screen to the tournament manager so we could update the brackets and you could start playing the second round.

Seeding: Seeding will be done by teams average PSR and by last tournament results.

Match Result and referring: There is no need for referees in game since you could always take a screenshot as proof for cheating. When you finish a game report results to the referees with an attached screenshot of the results screen. The final event will have referees for some games and you will be informed who are the referees in the chat channel.

Other: Teams that don't show up for their play time and are more than 15 minutes late will be disqualified. At this point the other team will receive a bye for the round.