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$1,000 Heroes of Newerth Invitational Final Results

By ichigotowar - 19th April 2010 - 12:27 PM

Our second Invitational tournament sponsored by S2games had ended. The two Teams remaining, fiVe and LOADED battled it out in a best out of 3 match up and team fiVe obliterated LOADED in quite an epic fashion. Thus, the $1,000 Tournament Season finally completed. The Livestream which had over 1,600 viewers was brought to you by cameraman sn00py2gos and commentators chapy and The_capitalist. VoDs for the 3rd place between MSI and t7h have been uploaded by HolyFTW and can be viewed here :
MSI v t7h - Game 1
MSI v t7h - Game 2

Here is how the brackets look like after the Final and 3rd Place:
IPB Image

Prizes were split like this:
  • Loaded: $600
  • fiVe: $250
  • FnaticMSI: $150
Watch the intro video prepared by Chapy and our Senior artist Jag:

There were some problems with replays not being saved, so a lot of them are missing, but all replays that are available on S2 servers can be found in the GameReplays TS1: $1,000 Invitational event on our replay system. Also if you were not here for the LiveStream and would like to watch games that were not streamed, all games have been recorded and are available in our Shoutcasts & VoDs section.