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HoN TS4: Qualifier 1/5 Results

By kustodian - 3rd May 2011 - 00:47 AM

The first qualifier of the GameReplays Tournament Season 4 sponsored by own3D.tv, TeamSpeak and SteelSeries is finished and what an interesting tournament it was with an upset in almost every round. In the pre-qualifier on Saturday we had quiet a few upsets, since [xFin], [MtfU] and [KD] didn't make it to the Sundays qualifier.

On Sunday after the first round, three best seeded teams [SK], [EG] and [DskB] were out. [SK] lost to a SEA team [wuki], while [EG] lost to the DotA pros led by Loda aka TRSKL (watch the VoD). [DskB] lost to the well know team that defeated xFin in the pre-qualifier, [staC] aka Cats. The second round gave us one of the most epic games you will ever see where [PhB] played "phenomenally" without Ph`V (who disconnected) against [MSI] for 70 minutes (watch the VoD). This game is a must see and even a Hall of Fame worthy.

[wuki] managed to surprise [Infs] as well, but [MSI] was too much for them in the semis (watch the VoD). On the bottom part of the brackets [DWi] led by Korok was looking unstoppable when they defeated [Rea] in the semis (watch the VoD). In an action packed finals [DWi] was in control almost the whole game and they proved to be too much for [MSI] this Sunday (watch the VoD), so they took the first qualifier in fashion. This win earned them $100 and 20 points on our TS4 ladder.


You can view VoDs of all games from this tournament in our VoDs & Shoutcasts section, and/or you can watch the replays in this tourney's event on our replay system.

Ladder Standings

Ladder standings have been updated, and DWi is on top with 20 points, MSI is second with 15, while wuki and Rea each have 10. The rest of the teams that managed to get to the second round have only 5.

The second qualifier (out of five) will be announced tomorrow and will be played this weekend on Saturday and Sunday May 7/8 at 20:00 CET.