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HoN TS4: Invitational Quarterfinals Preview

By smock - 20th June 2011 - 23:30 PM

UPDATE! [MSI] vs [KD] has been rescheduled to Monday, June 26, 2011 at 22:00 CET. [Rea] vs [SK] TBA.

With Dreamhack Summer coming to a close we are poised to turn our attention to the culmination of Tournament Season 4 here at Gamereplays: the Invitational! After a long qualification process we have our 8 teams from the ladder and the seeds have been established. Action starts this weekend with the quarterfinals - each match being best of 3 - and as always we will have coverage both livestreams (on http://www.honreplays.org/live) and VoDs. As always thanks to our TS4 sponsors own3D.tv, TeamSpeak and SteelSeries.




Saturday, June 25, 2011
  • [DWi]Deal With It vs [DskB]Duskbin Gaming - 18:00 CET
Sunday, June 26, 2011
  • [EG]Evil Geniuses vs [sGty]sGty - 22:00 CET
Monday, June 26, 2011
  • [MSI]Fnatic MSI vs [KD]KD Gaming eV - 22:00 CET
  • [Rea]Reason Gaming vs [SK]SK Gaming - 20:00 CET

Prize Distribution

Here's a short preview of what to expect from the matchups:

us EG (1) vs us sGty (8)

EG has long been one of the best teams in the world, and this tournament season has been no exception. An early exit from Qualifier #1 did not phase them; they came back with a vengeance, winning both Q3 and Q4 and taking runner-up in Q5 to land them at the top of our ladder. Look for impressive play from their solo player [EG]Korok, and arguably the best Behemoth player in the world from [EG]FujiApples.

sGty on the other hand, had mediocre results all season long and remain a question mark in the HoN community. Nevertheless, they were able to have enough consistency to seize that 8th place seed, and will now have the chance to prove their worth once and for all. Indisputably a team with immense potential, the challenge for them will be whether they can come together and play as a team.

Previous Results:
  • GRTS4 Q3 Finals: EG 1-0 sGty (VoD)

sweden Rea (2) vs us SK (7)

Reason Gaming is coming off a 2nd place finish to Fnatic at Dreamhack Summer 2011, and will look to continue their success here. Indeed Rea has been probably the most consistent team of the qualifiers, reaching at least the semifinals in every tournament in which they competed, including a second place finish to EG in Q4. They play with a consistent, although somewhat predictable, playstyle; the main challenge for them will be adapting to SK's picks in the hope to get them through to the semifinals.

SK Gaming has had a rocky road in the past couple weeks, struggling with roster issues but coming up strong with some new players in PaintItGold and BraxBraxBrax. Winners of Q2, underwhelming results in the rest of the tournament season have fans questioning their dedication. SK will have a lot to prove here as they look to take out the Swedes.

Previous Results:
  • GRTS4 Q3 Quarterfinals: Rea 1-0 SK (VoD)
  • SK Gaming Tournament #1 3rd Place: Rea 0-2 SK (VoDs)

canada DWi (3) vs philippines DskB (6)

DWi is coming off some impressive wins over Infs in the ESL Major Series, securing them a berth in the finals of the European tournament. They will be taking on the number 6 seed in DskB, looking for vengeance in a rematch of the hard-fought quarterfinals matchup of the GosuCup #1 where DskB took the series in the 3rd game.

DskB, known for their impressive play from Mr. Swish, is still seeking their first major tournament win after falling to Fnatic in 5 games in the GosuCup finals. This could easily be their chance as they have looked increasingly impressive in the past couple of months, making a run to the finals of Q5 to just barely sneak into the Invitational.

Previous Results:
  • GRTS4 Q2 Quarterfinals: DWi 1-0 DskB (VoD)
  • GosuCup #1 Quarterfinals: DWi 1-2 DskB

europe MSI (4) vs europe KD (5)

Probably the most well-known HoN squad will settle for 4th seed here, as Fnatic will take on KD in the first round of the invitational. Their list of achievements could go on for pages, needless to say the Dreamhack Summer champions are the favourites to stomp through the first couple of rounds.

Looking for an upset here will be KD, who despite getting the fifth seed face an unfortunate draw against Fnatic. That being said, they had an impressive run themselves at Dreamhack, however, defeating the favoured OK in the BYOC tournament, progressing to the final four to ultimately fall against TSoG in the 3rd place matchup.

Previous Results:
  • GRTS4 Q2 Semifinals: MSI 0-1 KD (VoD)
  • Dreamhack Summer 2011 Winners Bracket Finals: MSI 2-0 KD