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Cthulhuphant Hero Preview

By Danelaan - 18th September 2011 - 12:52 PM

A week ago, an image of the upcoming hero had been revealed as well as his name. The mighty Cthulhuphant was coming to Newerth in order to remind everyone that even if Cthulhu lay dead in his home, his creatures are well awake and ready to trample anyone. His release is presumably Friday, and he won't be Early Access - Maliken confirmed this on the official forums.

IPB Image
Cthulhuphant's concept

This hero was created by Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic.

Here are his abilities:

Trample (First Skill) - Cthulhuphant is a melee tanky initiator, and this ability gets him into the thick of it. He charges forward in a direction, dealing damage and stunning any enemy heroes he connects with. If there are any creeps in his path, they are blasted away like projectiles, also dealing damage and stunning enemy heroes they hit.

Hook 'Em (Second Skill) - With Hook 'Em, Cthulhuphant uses his mighty tusks to skewer and immediately kill an enemy non-hero unit. The corpse creates a shield which blocks a large portion of damage coming at Cthulhuphant from the front. Strength of the shield is proportional to the target's max health.

Mortifying Presence (Third Skill) - This is a passive aura of fear and madness. Nearby enemy heroes have their attack and movement speeds slowed. When Cthulhuphant kills an enemy unit, the effect doubles for ten seconds. If he kills an enemy hero, the effect triples for ten seconds!

Obliterate (Ultimate) - Cthulhuphant draws on all of his awesomeness to fire raw, brutal energy blasts from his many trunks. Obliterate causes five pulses of devastating area of effect damage in front of Cthulhuphant.
Source: http://www.cad-comic.com

IPB Image

Cthulhuphant charging.

IPB Image

Cthulhuphant's shield.

IPB Image

The Brothers Cthulhuphant: Cthulhuphant and his alt-avatar.