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HoN Tour Update

By kustodian - 14th April 2012 - 23:00 PM

HoN Tour, the biggest Heroes of Newerth competitive event to this date with $250,000 in cash and prizes, the event everyone has been waiting and everyone has been talking about, was announced back in November 2011, but since the announcement, S2 has been relatively quiet about it, until today. [S2]Diva has made an announcement on the official forums that S2 is actively working on HoN Tour and that it is at its final stages, which is great news and some encouragement especially for the competitive scene. Read the full announcement below.

Hey Guys and Gals,

I know that a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting the launch of HoN Tour. As a result, there has been a lot of frustration, speculation, and misinformation. We sincerely apologize for not addressing these issues sooner, and will henceforth be as candid and transparent as possible. To that end, I'd like to unveil some official information about the upcoming HoN Tour.

HoN Tour is an officially sanctioned competitive tournament system, backed and operated directly by S2 Games. It will operate on a seasonal schedule comprised of 18 events over the course of 4 months. Each season will boast over $250,000 in cash and prizes. The events of HoN Tour will not just be for the best of the best; there will be multiple divisions of skill so that even those aspiring to be the next world-beaters have a shot at prize and glory. Honcast will cover HoN in a way that HoN has never been covered before with the addition of a brand new studio and a massively elevated standard for production quality.

That is our vision for HoN Tour, and as it draws near to fruition we humbly implore you to bear with us as we take the final steps to make it the best that we can. Please understand that we are as eager as all of you are to see HoN Tour launch, but we want to make sure that all our bases are covered and that this will be something that we at S2 and the members of our passionate community can all be proud of. We believe eSports to be hugely important in cultivating a thriving competitive community that has driven HoN to all of its successes, and HoN Tour is our pledge to pursue that belief for years and years to come.

HoN Tour will kick off with a $10,000 prize purse Qualifier that's open to everyone. We will keep you guys in-the-know and updated every step of the way, and as soon as we have a date to announce, you will hear it directly from us. I'd like to thank everyone for their continued passion for HoN - we know and appreciate that your praises and criticisms alike are fueled by your immense passion. Game HoN!
Source: [S2]Diva's post on the official forums