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$60,000 DreamHoN Concluded

By kustodian - 19th June 2012 - 00:34 AM

DreamHoN which was played on DreamHack Summer 2012 is by far the biggest Heroes of Newerth event this years in which all the best HoN teams in the world were competing for a total prize of $60,000. There were a total of 8 teams in the tournament out of which there were some well known (and returning names) like Fnatic RaidCall, TT eSports and Trademark eSports.

The first stage of the tournament was the group stage where each team played against each other, after which the four best teams advanced to the semi finals where Fnatic RaidCall met with Trademark eSports, and TT eSports played against the biggest surprise of the event, Blackfade. Fnatic and TT eSports managed to advance to the finals where the the defending champions Fnatic proved to be too strong for almost perfect sLickz and his teammates snagging the prize of 200,000 SEK ($32,000). In the third place matchup between Blackfade and Trademark eSports, Blackfade proved that they are in great form and that their good games during the group stages were not a coincidence. You can watch all these games in our VoD system, or you can find all these replays in our replay system.

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We hope that DreamHoN is just the beginning before the storm of tournaments and events, since the HoN eSports scene is very much alive and very exciting.