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HoN Tour Registrations Are Open

By kustodian - 4th October 2012 - 21:01 PM

After many months of preparation and planning, the biggest Heroes of Newerth event is finally here. HoN Tour is live and the registrations for Season One are open. HoN Tour is a multi-event tournament series which will run from October 2012 till April 2013 with a total cash prize of $330,000.

The greatest thing about HoN Tour is that any team can join the event to compete, no matter your skill level. An open qualifier will be organized to seed the teams into 4 divisions by their skill level: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

IPB Image

After the qualifiers there will be a eight event cycles every two weeks and after each cycle you will move on through each division based on your performance. After the end of each nine day event cycle, 112 different teams will be awarded a total of $32,950.

First HoN Tour qualifier starts with an open bracket, double elimination tournament featuring a $10,000 prize pool
and running October 20th through November 4th. Registrations are now open and teams can sign-up until October 17th at 11:59 PM EST. Not only do the HoN Tour qualifiers offer a $10,000 prize pool, but participating teams will also gain Tour Points which will seed them in the first HoN Tour Event Cycle.