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C9 HoN In House League Launched

By LukDeRiff - 29th December 2012 - 23:25 PM

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Cryo Nine Gaming is looking to opening an in house league for Heroes of Newerth! While the site for HoN is currently under development, they are the #1 inhouse league in Dota 2. .

The first league #c9-hon will be for high level players but if there is demand from lower level players they will look into the possibility of creating one.

What it is:

It is a bot that runs many text files of IRC scripts and stores user data which it can call upon at anytime. The bot is used to create an environment where higher tier players can play competitive games at a higher frequency. This will cause for better games to watch on stream and for better quality of play from teams.

Where it is:

The league is run from IRC which can be accessed through a client called mIRC. It is on the server irc.quakenet.org and in the channel #c9-hon .

About Prizes:

At the end of each season (which last 1 month) the overall highest ranked player will win 50$. Also gold coins (the exact amount has yet to be announced) will be distributed among the 1st 2nd and 3rd ranked players. C9 is planning on gradually increasing the cash prizes once the league is established as well as adding hardware prices.

How to get in:

Before you join the channel make sure you are authenticated by quakenet. When you join the channel you can send Bart13t a personal message via IRC or Gamereplays.org. Again: This league is designed for high tier players so they set a 1800+ mmr requirement (exceptions are only made for well known competitive players).

When it starts:

The first season has begun December 28th at 5 pm EST. Make sure that you get registered today, the season is still young and nothing is decided yet.

How to get authenticated by quakenet: Quakenet Authentication Guide
Where to get mIRC: mIRC Client