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Heroes of Newerth Patch 2.2.0 Has Been Released!

Friday, 30 Sep 2011
S2 Games, developers of Heroes of Newerth, have just released a new patch, and a large one, if we may say so. It contains a large number of changes to the game itself, along with balance changes to both heroes and items, and several other important bugfixes.The complete patch notes are as...

Patch 2.1.10 Has Been Released!

Friday, 23 Sep 2011
S2 Games, developers of Heroes of Newerth, have just released a new patch! This patch contains the new hero Cthulhuphant, a alternate skin for Chipper, and a small but welcome change to Rampage's Horned Strike.The complete patch notes are as follows:Version 2.1.10------------ The current Free...

Hero Spotlight: Cthulhuphant

Thursday, 22 Sep 2011
S2 games brings us yet another awesome hero spotlight featuring a new strength hero called the Cthulhuphant. Quite a mouthful to say or even spell out. With his rather strong jungling capabilities and team presence, Cthulhuphant will be making his debut this coming Friday! Watch the spotlight to...

DreamHack Winter 2011 Is Coming!

Monday, 19 Sep 2011
From the end of August to yesterday, every week-end in Heroes of Newerth saw most of the top teams competing in the Dreamhack MSI BEAT IT online qualifiers. Five qualifiers were held, resulting in 9 teams qualified for the main event which will happen at DreamHack Winter 2011, with a total...

Cthulhuphant Hero Preview

Sunday, 18 Sep 2011
A week ago, an image of the upcoming hero had been revealed as well as his name. The mighty Cthulhuphant was coming to Newerth in order to remind everyone that even if Cthulhu lay dead in his home, his creatures are well awake and ready to trample anyone. His release is presumably Friday, and he...

S2's Response to HoN Server Issues

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011
Marc "Maliken" DeForest, owner of S2 Games has announced a few minutes ago on the Heroes of Newerth official forums the reason why are the HoN servers down and what are they doing to resolve the issues:It is quite apparent that our current systems are incapable of handling what is being thrown at...

Heroes of Newerth Patch 2.1.8 is out!

Saturday, 10 Sep 2011
S2 Games, developers of Heroes of Newerth, have just released a new patch! This patch features the new hero Midas, several bug fixes and a couple of minor balance changes.The complete patch notes are as follows:Heroes of Newerth 2.1.8 Patch Notes- Cost of displaying taunt should be correct now-...

Hero Spotlight: Midas

Thursday, 8 Sep 2011
S2 just released a new Spotlight featuring the hero coming this Friday, Midas, whom had already been glimpsed at last week. This new hero uses skills with gold theme and seems to be a powerful ganker. It also seems that a "Dark Jeraziah" alt avatar will be available this Friday.Discuss this in...

HoN in NASL Season 2 with $40K in Prizes

Wednesday, 7 Sep 2011
The North American Star League and S2 have announced HoN's inclusion in the upcoming season 2 of NASL, with eight invited teams to compete for a $40,000 prize pool. The complete announcement is as follows:(Kalamazoo, MI) - Sep. 06, 2011 - Heroes of Newerth (HoN), the session-based, multiplayer,...

Heroes of Newerth Competitive Wiki Launches!

Thursday, 1 Sep 2011
It’s been a long time in coming, but HonReplays.org is extremely proud to present the Heroes of Newerth Competitive Wiki! Now you can follow all of the latest news, tournaments, teams, and results of the HoN Competitive Scene in one convenient place. Make sure to bookmark the page (there is...