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Heroes of Newerth Nomad Guide

By syllable - 14th December 2011 - 12:14 PM


Nomad is a very squishy hero, once you can get a hold of him he's pretty much dead. This is why you need to play elusively, being very agressive and dealing huge amounts of damage, while never being straight in someone's face during a fight.

Early Game: The Laning Phase

This section covers early game in a lane, for mid, proceed to the next one.

When playing with a laning partner, there's usually a lot of potential kill, if it is the correct lane partner of course. Depending on how good your ally is, and what hero he's playing, you can probably net a few kills. As you probably know, when you try to kill an enemy hero in your lane, they will respond by trying to kill your lane partner as fast as possible as a return kill. Likewise, when the enemy lane tries to kill your lane partner, you will want to try to kill one of them as quickly as possible. For this reason, sandstorm can be very useful in lane, often saving your lane partner from certain death. What you will want to do from level 2 onwards, when the enemy heroes are out of position, is simply Mirage Strike them and hit them at the same instant as the image. You may underestimate this, but it deals a lot of damage, even just at level two, you can take a third HP from a squishy hero with just one combo. At level 3 this only becomes stronger, and if you're paired up with anything that has a decent stun / slow / nuke. you could be getting kills. Of course, if the enemy team has a very strong combo like Hammerstorm / Valkyrie (Hammer too tanky, Valk will leap away and if she's good will never be in a bad spot because of range), then your aim is to just farm up as hard as possible, and even then you should be agressive. Hit people when you have the chance and 100 charges on Wanderer, Mirage Strike people when they can't run away from it and you still have mana left for an extra one, etc. Get that damage done, and try to make kills happen! Good laning partners include Revenant (armor reduction on breaking stealth and the slow), Andromeda (not the best, but again, stun, short-range, and armor reduction), Demented Shaman (Mirage Strike while you run to target, Demented uses his Healing Wave on you and your image, enemy hero takes a ton of damage), Nymphora (as long as she hits the stun). There are more, but these have worked very well for me in the past.

Laning solo in mid

This is actually a lot more fun than doing a lane, because it's more intensive for you. The goal here is to crush the opposing mid, not just "don't lose, get levels, farm gold". If he doesn't die, or isn't horribly underleveled and underfarmed, you have failed. There are very few heroes that can take Nomad on in a straight-up 1v1. You want to be careful for a few obvious counters like Slither, or Doctor Repulsor (who owns a lot of melee with his pod). The plan here is at first, trough positioning gaining an advantage in lasthitting creeps. Once you reach level two, you can begin harassing. Not a simple Mirage Strike and be done with it, nono, you have to be way more agressive. Mirage strike the enemy hero, then hit him with your hero, depending on what hero, you can go for more hits, and if it's the right enemy (let's say he's a Pyromancer) and he fights, just keep hitting, make sure to run around a lot and dodge the stun, or pretend to back then take a turn to bait the stun (you know how it goes). Try to get a quick bottle and boots. Try to get powerups, as a haste rune is a guaranteed kill on sidelane or on mid. Double damage isn't bad either. As the game goes on, you reach level 6 (hopefully before the other guy). At this point you can go for a kill on your adversary, it's pretty easy really. Bring them down to 400-500 HP, get an ult off (easier against ranged than melee, count on the fact that people will actually fake cast and cancel their attack animation to bait your ultimate), and punch them in the face with a Mirage strike + regular auto-hit. Just keep farming mid, push away the enemy, and be very aware of incoming ganks (miss calls from other lanes). If you successfully stomp mid then you can now proceed to gank some more, be everywhere where there's kills to make.

Mid Game

There are a few different kind of games. Sometimes you can't seem to kill anything, or if you do, you die because they 4-man port on top of you, or other annoying things like that. In cases like this you need to realize that trying to make more kills isn't going to work and you just need to hang back and farm. Please don't worry, Nomad is easily one of the hardest lategame carry heroes in the game. I personally have made insane comebacks (solo laning against a dual Nymphora / Arachna lane, then my team gave me some space and I ended up getting some farm and an annihilation), just because Nomad is able to do so much with only so little with his passive.

So just sitting back and farming is fine, just make sure you carry a Homecoming Stone at all times and use it when needed.

That's one type of games. The other is where the enemy team seems to be lacking in map awareness and teamplay, and you can just run around the map, getting kill, after kill, after kill. You will usually die a couple of times, after which you should realize it's time to stop running into them and suiciding (even if you oneshot their glacius before you died) and get some decent items, because your team is probably banking on you to carry them.

Late Game

The part where Nomad's true power lies is probably lategame. The longer the game lasts the stronger he gets because of Wanderer. People really underestimate Nomad sometimes. But the facts are, you basically deal double damage with a 100 stack on Wanderer, and you deal 125% damage every other hit assuming you're sitting on top of someone and hitting them. No other hero currently in the game one can out damage this by himself in a straight up DPS race. This is why you will receive a lot of CC on you. This is again why your item choices are so important: either go for that tanky item build, or go for a Shrunken Head and insane amounts of damage which should allow you to actually win you the fight by the time your Shrunken Head immunity ends.

Again, always carry a Homecoming Stone, and in this stage of the game, you might want to save for buybacks (4500 gold should do it).

What to Do in a Team Fight

Nomad is all about the insane damage he can deal in a very short amount of time. You have some options in a fight.

1: take out their utility heroes. These are heroes that will screw you over if you don't deal with them first. Examples are Witch Slayer, Pollywog Priest, Monarch, ... Any hero with insanely annoying disables.
2: Destroy their carry hero. I like this option a lot. If you manage to not get initiated on, and your position allows it, start messing up their ranged carry hero. I love heroes like Flint Beastwood that sit in the back and destroy your team, you can easily take care of those by yourself in a matter of seconds. Just make sure that you can actually finish him and none of the option 1. heroes will come in to disable you while you get shot in the face.

In the end it is up to you to deal the big damage to the enemy team. Especially carry heroes that might build a Shrunken Head, making your team virtually useless against them (short of another physical hard carry).

One thing your team has to realize though, is that you will actually win them the fight if they don't lose it before that happens. You are the main source of damage here, and you will wipe everything out, if you get the chance for it. Your team should play accordingly. Play safe, control the enemies, don't die, wait for you to come in and kill whatever target poses the biggest problem. It's beautiful of course if they kill everything by themselves and you hardly have to do anything, but this isn't the standard in every game.

Good Allies and Worst Enemies

The best allies you can find are the ones that let you solo mid. That or these laning partners:
Probably one of the strongest lanes in all of Newerth. Only countered by something annoying like Plague / because they're sitting in the tower all the time.

The concept is simple: you can spam your Mirage Strike as much as you please, and when Nymphora gets a stun off you can easily halflife any enemy hero on early levels, at level 5 you should have made a kill or two with your lane already, and that's where you really start to take off and become a monster.

Only if you can get the easy lane (Hellbourne top or Legion bottom) and if you will face a melee / range combination. In this lane Andromeda maxex Aurora and Dimensional Link (get one in Comet of course) and you guys can just kill people with massively reduced armor + Mirage Strikes.

One of my favourite babysitters for any melee carry hero, simply because a Voodoo Jester turns any lane into a kill lane. Maxing cursed ground is easy kills at level 3, and at level 5 they simply won't have a chance anymore.

There's a few ways of playing this lane. Demented can either go for his Healing wave + Unbreakable (apply Unbreakable on you before you start hitting people for the bonus damage), or the Healing wave + Entangle build where you should be able to get more hits in on your target. Simply Mirage Strike, run up to your target together with the illusion, Demented Shaman heals on top of you + the illusion + hopefully some creeps = a lot of damage. It's a bit like the Chtuluphant + DS lane except less auto-pilot.

Not to mention lategame Demented's ultimate massively reduces the enemy team's armor.

Time for some "huehuehue you like getting two-shot at level 6?" lane. Early game you should be able to make some kills happen as well, simply because a well played Empath combined with Nomad's stupid high damage output is so strong.

Later on Empath just sits inside you and boosts movespeed, while you go around three-shotting everything you can see. Nothing can run from you two, nothing can win a fight against you two (besides you being killed instantly but you have your team to prevent that from happening).

Obviously this is a good hero with Nomad. He can make you invisible to reduce the target's armor, then he can slow the target you are on to give you time to get free hits in. A very strong lane.

Strong lane for obvious reasons: Monarch is hella OP right now. She can disable your target, then there's the 5 second slow on top of it, meanwhile there's a Nomad hitting stuff. I don't think many heroes will survive this.

Now to proceed then to the less fun section: Nomad's worst enemies in a game.

Reveals you, slows you, kites you. Easily one of the most annoying heroes in all of Newerth. Try to get close with a Sandstorm and get an Edge Counter off (the first thing she will do is try to slow you by using her ultimate or an attack with her slow).

This one represents a myriad of heroes that all do the same to you: burst you down. Others like it are Witch Slayer, Pyromancer, Dampeer, ... all those "lol I'm just going to press these buttons, die please."-heroes.

Long time disablers. I hate them. Other examples are (as we talked about before already) Pollywog Priest, Witch Slayer, ...

And lastly
Armor completely counters you. You will still deal a lot of damage, but a lot less than you would be doing if this hero wasn't in the game.

Combined with fat heroes like it represents a real problem.

And then the bane of all somewhat squishy carry heroes that die when they get caught:
He will simply Portal Key on top of you (or your Sandstorm), taunt you, and if his team isn't completely worthless, you will die.

Replays and Videos

All replays I had for this aren't compatible anymore. Could use some help in finding some.


Editing + fact checking: Simba - Advisor
Visuals: color - Senior Artist


12-14-2011 - First release