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Heroes of Newerth Rampage Guide

By syllable - 16th August 2011 - 17:40 PM

An oh so manly hero, many times forgotten or underestimated, but never forget the power of Rampage. Or maybe more so Manpage.

IPB Image

When to (Not) Pick This Hero

This is very important and not a lot of people do it right. It's common sense. Picking a hero when the enemy has a lot of easy counters will make Rampage look bad, just because you play against a setup that counters you. For example, you don't pick Devourer against a Pharaoh. You need to think about this for all heroes.

When is Rampage a good pick then you ask? Well this would be nice:
  • You are playing against heroes that are easily gankable (Soulstealer, Thunderbringer, Defiler are just so easy to gank all the time, they have nothing to stop it)
  • You are playing against heroes that have retarded escape mechanisms involving invisibility (keep that Scout or Night Hound visible, charge the Hag so your team knows where she's going)
  • You are playing with a team relying on both heavy magic disables and physical damage (forcing the enemy to waste money on Shrunken Heads which are useless, because you just disable them anyway)
And Rampage is not a good pick when:
  • You have a team full of tunnel vision heroes already (Bloodhunter, Parasite, Arachna, Madman . . .).
  • You have too many melees already (too much melee in general means you will all get clusterfucked in teamfights because you stand on top of each other when going for a key hero).
  • You have too many farm oriented heroes. Rampage does require some farm to be viable as he needs some core items, and going to the 30 minute mark with the same items you had when you came out of the laning phase is not good.
Now that we have cleared the picking part, and you are playing a game versus a team where Rampage can be effective, we can move on to the next part of this guide.


Damage: 45 - 55
Attack Range: 100
Attack Speed: 0.69

IPB Image Armor: 4.4 IPB Image Move Speed: 295

IPB Image 23 (+2.5) IPB Image 17 (+1.7) IPB Image 15 (+1.8)

Rampage has a higher than average Strength and Agility gain considering the role he fills. He's not a Keeper of the Forest, but he's still fairly tanky if built right. His Intelligence gain is good enough to never have mana problems, but his Agility is a bit on the low side. However, his natural high armor helps a lot. Rampage has some stats that are on the low side when starting (damage, move speed), but his abilities are there to improve that.