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HoN $3,000 TS3: Invitational Semis - Results

By kustodian - 1st February 2011 - 13:14 PM

Even though we had problems on both our livestreams at the start of the semis, the action on the other hand never stopped and we had very interesting games in both matchups, with an outcome probably nobody expected. We would like to congratulate our two finalists, IPB Image [Infs]Infused Tt eSP0RTS and us [xFin]Finale on winning against us [EG]Evil Geniuses and us [IcE]Inner Circle Elite, who will be fighting off for the 3rd spot in the invitational.

The finals the GameReplays.org $3,000 Tournament Season 3: Invitational, sponsored by S2 Games, will be played this Sunday, February 6 at 19:00 GMT and it will be a best of five match, while the matchup for the third spot will be played one day earlier on Saturday, February 5 at 19:00 GMT.

IPB Image
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IPB Image [Infs]Infused Tt eSP0RTS was the first team to book their spot in the finals, since they defeated us [EG]Evil Geniuses with two straight wins, defending their second position on that ladder.

In the first game [Infs] played great from start and their opponents couldn't do much against their farmed Swiftblade.

In game two [EG] put up a fight, but Amingo's Sand Wraith with a combination of Bombardier and Wretched Hag was an enigma for [EG].

In the other matchup us [IcE]Inner Circle Elite started of nicely winning in fashion against all 5 us [xFin]Finale team.

In the next two games [xFin] had to make some changes in their roster. [ze]Kebap replaced JoshP in the second game, in which they looked like a completely new team, winning in a little less than 30 minutes.

So we got into the tiebreaker. [xFin] had to use one more ringer, since waytosexy was unable to play, so they recruited one more member from [ze] called, twiSta.

What looked to be an easy win for [IcE] because of a few uncoordinated fights and ganks, turned into a very intense and interesting game, which [xFin] managed to completely turn around and win with Sn3yking's over-farmed Dark Lady.

All the VoDs from the semis (including Ventcasts of [IcE], [xFin] and [Infs]) can be found in our VoDs & Shoutcasts section.