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HoN $3,000 TS3: Qualifier 4/5 - Results

By kustodian - 10th January 2011 - 09:56 AM

First qualifier tournament in 2011 is over and it was very interesting with one big upset. On the left side of the brackets [MSI] and [xFin] (watch the VoD) met again, but this time in the semis, and yet again [xFin] turned out to be on top. We have to mention that [MSI] wasn't complete (they used two ringers), but still a great achievement from xFin. While on the other side [EG] and [Infs] (watch the VoD) made it comfortably to the semis, where [EG] turned to be too good, and advanced to the finals. Since [EG] didn't play in the previous qualifier, they were determined to win this one, so they managed to outplay [xFin] in almost every aspect of the game. This was their first tournament win in this season (watch the VoD).

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Ladder standings

Ladder standings have been updated, and MSI, EG, xFin, Infs and Wahl are already qualified for the Invitational tournament, so the next tourney for them will only decide on which position are they going to finish. DskB, ICE and DWi are almost there, they need just a few points in the last qualifier to secure their spot in the invitational, but anything can change since we have 7 more teams that can still take their spot.

The fifth and the last qualifier of this tourney season continues next Sunday, January 16 at 19:00.