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Heroes of Newerth Demented Shaman Guide

By Immortal^ - 27th May 2010 - 02:11 AM

Demented Shaman is pretty similar to Dazzle from DotA, a popular hero both in public games, and tournaments as well. He is almost always picked or banned in games. Reason for this is the utility he brings to the game. Heal, damage, slow, stun, armor, which can be used defensively or offensively, what more can you wish.

Many people think it's easy to play Demented Shaman, but people often build him so wrong. Main thing you must know, if you want to play support or not, because despite his lovely slow/stun/armor minus, he is not meant to be a killer or a semi-carry. However, when you have steadied your mind, and agreed with yourself that you are ready to support your team till you're sick, go and grab Dement!

Demented Shaman

1.1 Stats

Attack Type=Ranged
Attack Damage=41-59
Attack Range=550



Strength per level=1.85
Agility per level=1.7
Intelligence per level=3.4

As we can see Demented Shaman has pretty poor Strength, and it doesn't improve much either, making him pretty squishy throughout the game. But on the other hand, Demented Shaman has one of the highest base Intelligence gains of all heroes, making him an effective harasser early, because of high base damage, and decent attack range.

1.2 Skill Descriptions


The Shaman entangles a target enemy unit in vines, slowing its movement speed for a short duration and very briefly stunning it. The vines then tighten around the target unit, causing damage over time.

  • Target Unit - Enemy Units
  • Type: Magic
  • Range: 600
  • Mana cost: 100/115/130/145
  • Cooldown: 15/16/11/9 seconds
Performs a mini-stun on target and slows its movement speed by 33/66/66/66%. After 1/2/3/3 seconds, applies Entangled to target for 7 seconds and stuns them for 0/0/1/1 second.

Entangled Effects
7/14/21/28 Physical damage per second

Usage: This skill should be used when catching someone, or running away. The strong slow is really useful, but the delayed stun is what makes Entangle a real weapon. You can use it to mess up channeling spells, like Succubus’, Voodoo Jester’s ultimate or other channeling spells. Most of the time people tend to forget that they will get stunned after slow, and make an unforgivable mistake or two. The damage of the spell isn't too great, but it's not really meant to be a killer spell, but you can use Entangle to pull off an Entangle and Healing Wave combo, which will be covered later in this guide.

Arcane Hide

The Shaman enchants a targeted allied unit with an Arcane Hide that reduces all incoming damage for a limited number of attacks

  • Target Unit - Ally Units
  • Range: 600
  • Mana cost: 85
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
Applies Arcane Hide to target for 15 seconds with 5 charges. Each time target is damaged by a Hero, Tower, or Boss, 1 charge is removed. Damage over time effects are not reduced and do not remove charges.

Arcane Hide is removed when no charges remain or after 100/200/300/400 damage has been absorbed.

Arcane Hide Effects
Reduces incoming non-DOT damage from Heroes, Towers, or Bosses by 50%

Usage: One of his most underrated skills, which is often seen. The damage it absorbs might not sound amazing, but still it's better than nothing, and the stats you would pick in Arcane Hide's place doesn't make up for it. Try to think it this way; every time you run away with 1-100 hp, and used Arcane Hide on yourself in the fight, it's the Hide that saved you. Also, your teammates will feel encouraged to initiate if they have Arcane Hide, and it will somehow make opponents not wanting to focus heroes with Arcane Hide, even though it doesn't absorb that much damage. So go for Arcane, and see the psychological effect on both friend and foe!

Healing Wave

The Shaman casts a healing wave that can bounce between multiple allied units. The healing wave absorbs life from the area surrounding the healed unit, damaging enemy units in the immediate area around a healed unit.

  • Target Unit - Organic Ally Units
  • Type: Physical
  • Range: 600
  • Mana cost: 80/90/100/110
  • Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 seconds
Chains between the successively closest 3/3/4/5 targets, healing each for 80/100/120/140. Enemy units within a 180 radius of a healed target will take 80/100/120/140 Physical damage per target.

Usage: The skill that makes everyone love and hate Demented Shaman. A heal for the whole team, what can be better? In a team-fight that would last 30 seconds, you could heal 700 hp for everyone which is a lot. Also, Healing Wave is the skill every carry loves to see when laning with a babysitter. Mana cost is low, cooldown is low, healing is decent and deals damage, sounds good? It is! Not only is it good defensively, but using it for harassing a lane is quite effective, although you might push a lane too much. If you want to harass a melee hero that is last-hitting creeps, just use Healing Wave on a friendly creep. If you time it right, he won't get the last hit and will take some damage, which should be pretty decent if he's surrounded by other friendly creeps. Just be careful, having a healing spell doesn't make you immortal. Rambo Demented Shamans are not pleasant to watch. It's better to stay back and spam heals, watching the crowd stand up for you!

Storm Cloud

The Shaman conjures a storm at a target location. All heroes within the radius of the storm when it first appears will be affected by it. Allied heroes will gain armor over time, while enemy heroes will lose armor over time.

This ability can be boosted by Staff of the Master.

  • Target Postion - All Organic Units
  • Type: Physical
  • Range: 2000
  • Radius: 600 (800 boosted)
  • Mana cost: 100
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds
Applies Storm Shield to allies and Storm Strike to enemies in a 600 (800 boosted) radius for 12/18/24 (18/24/30 boosted) seconds.

Storm Shield Effects
+1 Armor per charge
Adds 1 charge per second

Storm Strike Effects
-1 Armor per charge
Adds 1 charge per second

Usage: Demented Shaman’s utility can be used either defensively or offensively. If you are being pushed throw this ultimate on the opposing team, and ask an initiator to jump in after 4-7 seconds when its potential is just starting to grow. This ultimate in combination with Pestilence's ultimate or any other armor reducing spells is killer. This can make opponents cry when they see you and your mates incoming. Your enemies are going to take a load of physical damage, no problem. When you cast your ultimate on your team, they'll get an insane armor buff. When they hit you this will make your enemies feel like they're hitting a brick wall with a paper sword. The huge range of this ultimate allows you to stand back when casting it too; making sure you won't get focused on too fast. This is definitely one of the best Support ultimates in the game.

2. Skill Build and Usage

  1. Healing Wave
  2. Entangle
  3. Healing Wave
  4. Entangle
  5. Entangle
  6. Healing Wave
  7. Healing Wave
  8. Storm Cloud
  9. Arcane Hide
  10. Arcane Hide
  11. Storm Cloud
  12. Arcane Hide
  13. Arcane Hide
  14. Entangle
  15. Stats
  16. Storm Cloud
Comment: You should always start with Healing Wave. Some may say go Entangle if you are on a lane with Swiftblade for example, but no it's just not worth it, that 33% slow does not decide that much that early in the game. Getting rank 3 Entangle on level 5 is important because you must the stun effect as soon as possible to help set up ganks with. Also, the reasoning behind leveling Entangle to rank 4 late, is because after rank 3 you don't gain much for improving it, and grabbing Arcane Hide will be way more useful. Of course sometimes, if you feel your lane won't get any kills, and you get harassed too much, go for Healing Wave on level 5.

3. Item build

3.1 To start with:

1x Runes of Blight
2x Mana Potion
1x Health Potion
2x Minor Totem
1x Wards of Sight OR 1x Monkey Courier

This is the most optimal item build. Be ready to give some of your regeneration items to a carry since you will be babysitting. People will be thankful for that. You can change the regeneration items for your own preference, but always be ready for buying wards or a courier because you are support. Also if you are going to put wards, ask someone to guard you because you are fragile. Do not give up first blood just because you wanted to put wards in their woods.

3.2 Then..

2x Fortified Bracelet
Homecoming Stone
Nomes Wisdom
More Wards

As you are the ultimate support hero, you must realize you won't have much money because you will be letting your lane partner get last hits and you will focus on harassing and denying. Even if you have almost no money always prioritize wards over anything else because the advantage they give the entire team is greater than the advantage you get from any other single item. Always carry a Homecoming Stone! You are support and must be always ready to defend, or join a gank, or head back to the well.

3.3 Mid Game to Late Game

Plated Greaves
Kuldra’s Sheepstick
Even More Wards

You can get Plated Greaves earlier if you are pushing a lot, but getting Fortified Bracers is preferred. From all the top tier items, Kuldra’s Sheepstick will bring the most utility to the team fights. Remember, you are support and there are many, many optional items which should be bough according to the game’s pace.

You can decide much of a game by placing wards. Decide if you need to place them defensively or offensively. If you are in doubt, ask your team where they want them, or make someone else put up wards but buy them for them. If there are no wards up, it's your problem. Always make sure you have money to get wards.

3.4 Optional/Luxury Items

Staff of the Master
Void Talisman
Tablet of Command
Barrier Idol

As you can see, the optional item list is quite long. Get a Hellflower if you are lacking a silence against a spell casting team and if you have a good income from pushes or creep kills. If you want to increase armor, or decrease it, and if the enemy spreads out too much, you can go for a Staff of the Master. It will also give you quite nice stats, along with health and mana. If you are doing bad with money and you think you will never afford Kuldra’s, go for Stormspirit. It's nice alternative, plus it gives you some survivability, if you are getting focused on by nukers. Void Talisman is for times when carries take game over and you want to survive long enough to get some casts off and is best way to counter Swiftblade or Deadwood. Get Tablet of Command if you fight against Kraken or Pharaoh. You can use it to force opponents back during initiation or to escape Pharaoh’s wall or to mess up Karken’s ultimate by pushing him when he charges or blinks. Barrier Idol should be bought by someone with more money, but in case opponents have lot of magic damage, and you happen to be only one who has brains, go for a Barrier Idol. Your team will be glad.

4. Hero Specific Strategies and Techniques

4.1 Laning

As a fully support hero you should never go into a solo lane. You will waste so much babysitting potential. Most of the time you will go one of the side lanes, mostly with carries. If you are on a carry lane, focus on harassing opponents, denying creeps and healing you and your lane partner. Also don't steal last hits, as others will have more use of money than you. Just be careful with harassing, and don't get stuck into creeps when they chase you after you attack an enemy hero.

If you go with stunners or nukers, again focus on harassing and use your Healing Wave aggressively. A Magmus and Demented Shaman lane isn't too bad for example; especially if you catch opponents in a bad position and can land some massive Healing Wave damage.

Entangle and Healing Wave
When you are on lane and have destroyed an enemy creep wave and see that your opponent is close to your creeps, go and Entangle him. When creeps surround him, use Healing Wave for some massive damage.

4.2 Lane Partners

Love list:
  • Pestilence - He also has a -armor spell, which combined with your ultimate can bring enemies down to a whopping -20 armor.
  • Melee Carries - Every one of them and learn to love them. Support them and risk your life to save them! They will be thankful trust me, good supports are wanted!
Hate list:
  • Hard Nukers – i.e. Pyromancer, Witch Slayer, Torturer - Those can make you a sad Shaman by two-shotting you. Try to not fall into them, because it's going to hurt. If the enemy team has one of them or more, stay back!
  • Dispellers – i.e. Jeraziah, Accursed, Electrician, Vindicator - It's so sad to watch how your ultimate gets dispelled, but don't fall into depression, arrange your team wisely to bring them down!

4.3 Ganking

Don't be afraid to gank. Although you are a hardcore support, your rank 3 Entangle becomes quite a strong snare. You can join ganks and do fairly well, so if you see a moment where you can gank, go for it tiger!

When you gank, apply Entangle on an enemy, get close to him and heal yourself and whoever is standing next to your opponent and you will dish out quite a lot of damage. Also put Arcane Hide on before you go in. That's it for your ganking power, not much, but better than nothing.

4.4 Team Fights

Team battles is the place you can shine, start with deciding if you want to use your ultimate offensively or defensively and go for it. Then try to get Entangle off on someone whenever it's up and aim for Channelers first. Focus on healing your carry and other teammates, but if you see chance to deal massive heal damage to an enemy, don't miss it. Arcane Hide your carry whenever you can and make good use of Astrolabe and other support items.

5. Replays and Videos


6. Changelog

05/26/10 First release