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HoN/DotA Hero Comparison

By AgmLauncher - 9th October 2009 - 17:18 PM

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Heroes of Newerth is a Multi-player Online Based Arena (MOBA) style game developed by S2 Games that attempts to mimic the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) experience. Now, you may have already heard of a few "DotA clones" such as League of Legends or Demigod, but you can be assured that those two games are as different from DotA as Counterstrike: Source is from Call of Duty 4, or Warcraft III from Command and Conquer. Sure, they're the same genre, but they are not the same game.

Then you've got Heroes of Newerth (HoN). HoN is an active attempt to emulate DotA. Heroes, items, skills, damage values, AI behavior, even the map! Of course a few things were altered in translation, and S2 has added it's own personal touches, but the game will definitely appeal to any fan of Defense of the Ancients. So now we present to you, The DotA Player's Guide to Heroes of Newerth!

Since so many of the classic DotA heroes and skills were kept, there's not that much for an ex-DotA player to learn. We'll start off with selecting a hero. So by now you've joined a game, picked a side and made it to the hero selection screen (GOOD WORK!!!). But now it's time for a difficult decision... Which hero should I choose? I don't know who any of these heroes are!? I'm so confused! PLEASE!! HELP ME!!!

Just relax and breathe. That's what we are here for. By now you should probably have noticed that when you mouse over a hero you can see every single one of that hero's abilities and attributes, including primary attribute, base attributes, attribute gain, base movement speed and attack range! All of this is fairly useful (and noob-friendly), and can help you decide which hero corresponds to it's DotA counterpart.

You may have noticed a few new heroes though, and your two minute timer for selecting a hero is running out, so here's a list of all the new, and altered heroes.

Heroes that are similar to those in DotA

Lord of Avernus

Vengeful Spirit



Ogre Magi


Faerie Dragon

Faceless Void

Lightning Revenant

Death Prophet

Storm Spirit

Dwarven Sniper

Crystal Maiden

Rogue Knight

Treant Protector

Sand King

Moon Rider

Stealth Assassin

Stone Giant

Slithereen Guard

Clockwerk Goblin

Shadow Shaman

Spirit Breaker




Shadow Fiend

Bane Elemental


Lord of Olympia

Tormented Soul


Priestess of the Moon



Lone Druid

Demon Witch

Queen of Pain

Heroes that are slightly different from those in DotA

Shadow Priest
Intelligence - Very buffed version of Dazzle. His poison has been changed to have a mini-stun on hit, a much more potent slow and a longer stun effect after the poison fades. His Shallow Grave has been replaced by Arcane Hide which reduces all incoming damage on a target by up to 50% for a maximum of 5 charges or 400 total damage absorbed.

Strength - His hook can grab people while it's returning and now has 1100 range at all levels! What else do you want!?

Intelligence - Somewhat like Warlock. A very powerful single-target slow, a single-target damage over time (dot) that chains to other targets, an area of effect (AoE) ability that returns up yo 40% of the damage taken by all targets affected as life to the Hellbringer. The Infernal has been replaced by the demon Malphas, which looks freaking sweet and has a fire breath spell to boot!

Strength - He is almost the same as OmniKnight in DotA, just replace the slow aura with a weakened version of Kunkka's Tidebringer (that annoying cleave thing) that has the added effect of slowing all targets hit for 5 seconds, and a bit of difference on the Repel (Protective Charm) cooldown numbers and you've got Jeraziah.

Agility - He was good in DotA, now he is even better. His Blink gives him and his allies a buff in magic armor for a short period of time in an area where he blinks in. Spell Shield has been replaced by a passive that increases enemies spells cooldown and damages them for a percent of mana used when they cast spells. He's like a walking Pugna ward that can carry.

Holy Knight
Intelligence - Almost exactly like Chen, except her Command skill is an Aura that will give bonus HP even to creeps captured with a Whispering Helm (Helm of the Dominator), and her Command skill gives magic armor to her creeps at level 4.

Agility - He can use items while Bladestorming. His healing ward has been replaced by a counterattack passive ability that works like Axe's spin, but with a free single-target melee attack instead of a spin and it also works against ranged attacks and spells.

Witch Doctor
Intelligence - His healing aura has been replaced with Warlock's old heal/dot spell but it also has an AoE. Everything else he's got is exactly the same, save for the fact that his stun does damage on the initial cast and bounces slightly faster (you can stun-lock two heroes easily).

New Heroes

Intelligence -

Agility - A combination of Viper and Drow Ranger. A potent slowing orb-effect that adds no damage, an ability that increases magic armor and remove certain debuffs when activated, an aura that increases base damage and an ultimate that summons a painful little fast-moving spider to bite you for large physical damage while slowing you.

Strength - Obesity kills. Hungry demon who is able to dominate and push lanes with his gluttony and minions. Ability to start barfing demonic gastric juices all over enemy opponents in front of him, slowing, damaging and even throwing up few past lunches back for him to eat again. Speaking of eating corpses, the reason is that by eating the dead he heals himself and gains charges for his third ability that let's him summon deadly minions to push lanes and run enemy heroes over. But let's not forget his second ability, a damage-over-time silence that after expiring spreads to everyone around the initial victim, shutting up the whole team. But the most important part is his ultimate: Hell on Newerth. At first it looks like a weak little area of effect spell, but as people cast spells around our lovable fatty, the spell grows more potent and at its peak - it lets out a blast of pure hurt.

Intelligence -

Intelligence - Fear the Chiprel. Crazy mole on a homemade robot, nothing good will come out of this. Skill-shot based ganker hero. The Chipper is one of the deadliest gankers in the game, if you can handle him that is. This armored walker is armed with all kinds of arsenal: First there is skill-shot rockets that do heavy damage and mini-stun, if you hit with them that is. They come in charges - allowing you to unleash hellfire in a rapid burst. Second ability is a blob of tar thrown to the target area, slowing people depending on how accurate you were. Combined with Rockets, Tar Toss adds a damage-over-time component to the already huge rocket damage, vicious combo. Little on the support side, third ability let's you protect heroes from magic magic damage. His final skill, Sawblade Showdown, summons a line of buzz-saws straight from the ground in a vector line to tear anything foolish or unlucky to be standing near into shreds.

Agility - Coming soon...

Agility - Her arms are made out of swords! An activate-able ability that provides up to 130% additional damage with a 2.5 second silence on every attack, a light damaging slow, and a Waveform-esque attack that hits all enemy units in a line (hello, cleave!). Top that all off with an ultimate that reduces move speed and reduces, and unlinks, enemy vision and you've got a recipe for pain.

Strength - It's loooog it's loooog it's big it's heavy it's wood. It's loooog it's loooog it's better than bad it's good! Deadwood summons his corrupted tree friends to help grab an AoE and hold it in place, uproot trees and use them as missles for damage and slow, or as a club for additional bonus damage. He can carve a path through trees, and doing so gains him slow resistance (up to 100%) and increased attack and move speed, and his ultimate is like a falcon punch on steroids. It does about as much damage as a Laguna Blade, and looks and sounds cool to boot.

Strength - A very nice new hero that seems to be a mix between Storm Spirit and Gorgon. He has a Grapple, a Mana Shield that also gives an Immolation effect, a mana-sapping AoE stomp that gives mana and movespeed to the Electrician, and a very nice Purge effect that can be cast on allies for a speed boost, or enemies for a slow effect.

Agility -

Agility - This Dwarven tinkerer harnesses the power of his contraptions and devices to be a powerhouse on the battlefield. He has an explosive keg that explodes where tossed and knocks targets away while stunning them, a turret that gains damage and effects based on the Engineer's items, a skill called Tinker than can buff ally towers and catapults and debuff enemy towers and catapults, and also has the added bonus of passively buffing the Engineer's other skills. His ultimate is what makes him great though. It deals 3/5/7% max HP of any enemy caught in the AoE, and purges and deals 100 damage to those trying to escape it, and lasts for 6/9/12 seconds.

Agility - Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Paying homage to the spirit of Nerubian Assassin from DotA, Fayde lurks in the shadows to slaughter the poor who get caught in her big mean scythe, bringing the burst damage that made the Nerubian Assassin such a feared force. Her first ability is a area of effect nuke centered around her, stunning anyone caught in the deadly spin. Her second ability turns your own shadow against you, burning your mana in the process. Her third ability let's her shift between Shadow and Scythe forms, switching the stun and mana components present in the first two abilities. Proper stance shuffling lets you get tricky and either double stun or double mana burn if you are successful. Last of all, her ultimate leaves you guessing about your own sanity as every time her figure turns out to be just an illusion, when the real deal is already aiming for your little neck.

Agility - Don't be fooled by Forsaken Archer's appearance, even though she resembles Priestess of the Moon, they are in no way the same hero. She has a skill to pin her enemies to the ground, has the split arrows that Medusa had with the added bonus of applying orb affects on each arrow, her 3rd skill reminds us of Undying minions but can only be controlled in the most basic sense, they move where you move and attack what you attack, and finally her ultimate is similar to Windrunner's Powershot, if Windrunner shot two Powershots per second.

Strength - Coming soon...

Strength - Sort of like Tidehunter, but not by a long mile. He has a Tsunami Charge, a sweet looking charge effect that deals damage and knocks back enemies in a line. His ult has been changed to a targeted AoE spell that, when placed, sucks the Kraken and all surrounding units to the target location after a couple of seconds or on click (Reverse Polarity + X Marks the Spot). Anchor Smash now cost mana and it can be manually or auto-activated after 6/5/4/3 seconds. Finally his got a movement slow aura ala Omnikight.

Agility - A very small melee hero that on first sight reminds of N'aix, but that's where the similarities end. He is a very fragile carry with critical strike, short windwalk, a line-stun like Nerubian Assassin had and Troll Warlord's old ultimate.

Strength - An awesome looking melee hero that has some very interesting abilities. His first skill is similar to Puck's Illusory Orb, but it acts like a boomerang. His second skill allows him get either lifesteal with reduced damage, or increased damage with health loss while activated. The third skill is a passive one which gives him a greater chance to deal a critical strike by every health point he loses. Finally his ultimate is like Soul Keeper's Metamorphosis, but with small AoE disable and makes his attacks deal splash damage.

Strength - Coming soon...

Agility - Coming soon...

Intelligence - This giddy little fairy is seriously scary. She can cast a delayed AoE spell that heals allies while damaging enemies, restore mana to an ally, or herself, she can stun all enemies in a line while giving herself a large boost to attack and move speed, and she can teleport herself and up to two allies to any location on the map.

Strength - Not the Pandaren we knew from DotA. He has been totally redesigned and reminds a lot of Kung Fu Panda. he can stack Flurry and deal a lot of damage with his bamboo stick, throw an enemy behind him, stun them and even disable them using his ultimate. A very fun hero to play.

Strength - Nai'x with leap! Not really... Predator has a leaping attack that slows, an ability that works exactly like Naix's Feast and a skill that makes him immune to spells and dispels debuffs, which makes him a great hero killer. His ultimate reduces armor in an AoE and provides an attack speed bonus to the Predator.

Intelligence - More like "You-can't-get-away-from-me Master." A skill that slows attack and move speed, and binds them to a spot while disabling blink-like skills, a skill that forces the target to attack a nearby unit (friend or foe), a passive ability that adds base damage, and a 2x crit that deals AoE damage to every 5th attack and an ultimate that creates a "puppet" of the target, which takes additional damage and deals it to the target.

Agility - Slightly similar to Bounty Hunter. He has a windwalk that gives an awesome attack speed on coming out of it, the ability to place electric eyes that can be detonated for an AoE silence, a passive that adds a 2x critical, evasion, and can also disarm an opponent for 2 seconds, and an ultimate that is reminiscent of Sniper's Assassinate.

Agility - Coming soon...

Agility -

Agility - The owl for Ocarina of Time. OK, not really, but still a very awesome hero. He can summon tornadoes on every last-hit which deal damage over time in a small AoE and patrol around him. He can also consume the tornadoes for health. He has a pseudo-passive (actived on attacks, goes away if disabled) evasion skill that can deflect ranged attacks at the attacker, a skill that blows enemies in a direction of Zephyr's choosing, damaging and briefly stunning them, and an ultimate that heavily slows and damages enemies caught in the AoE.