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Interview With [S2]Feanux

By Asway - 25th April 2011 - 17:07 PM

We are happy to bring you yet another interview with a member of S2 Games staff. This time it is the man who is responsible for all the (justified) suspensions in HoN and his name is [S2]Feanux.

GameReplays: Good morning Feanux. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this interview with us. So for the people who have no idea who you are, why donít you introduce yourself.

Feanux: My name is Floyd aka Feanux with S2Games, I'm 22 years old and recently moved to Kalamazoo, MI to be with the rest of the staff at their main office. I'm the RaP Operations Head along with Support staff. My primary focus is to be in charge of the Game Masters to ensure the Report A Player system is on track and up to date with any new code changes that need happening. I also manages existing staff and for any RaP related concerns I'm the one who primarily interfaces with the public

GameReplays: Being the Head of Operations for the RaP system, what kind of struggles do you go through on a daily basis?(what are your day to day operations)

Feanux: The biggest problem we deal with is keeping up with the ticket flow that comes in from the in-game RaP ticket system. Ideally we would like to have a 1-2 day turnaround on the report tickets that come in; unfortunately this isn't the case, so we're always looking for ways to improve productivity.

When I come into the office in the morning I pick up where I left off going through player complaints and ideas for the system. I also address any concerns that the Game Masters in regards to questions to S2 staff or possible improvements and suggestions being made.

From there I go through support emails and help address players problems and concerns related to their HoN account, this consumes a majority of the time. Any time left over goes into helping improve the RaP system or the game itself through testing new material.

GameReplays: Going from being Game Master to the Head of Operations for the Rap system, what kind of adjustments did you have to make? How did you handle the change?

Feanux: The transition was very smooth actually; I always tend to fall into the leadership roles for whatever I'm doing. When I was a GM I would go through the report tickets, note any concerns I or any of the other GMs had and discuss it with the S2 staff.

After being a regular GM for quite some time and always being active in conversations with staff I became the first Senior GM; this included handling my normal responsibilities along with addressing concerns players had about their suspensions.

From there I became Junior Staff for S2 by staying committed to my work and simply being as active as I could be. Once they needed to hire more support staff, I offered to help and was given a full-time position

GameReplys: Most of the Heroes of Newerth community thinks that the current Report a Player system is a joke. Do you have any plans on improving the RAP system? If so, what are they?

Feanux: We always are trying to find new ways to improve the system. Currently there are some web-interface designs I'd like to get implemented so players can report others outside of game client, along with matches they didn't take place in (such as stats manipulation or verbal PM abuse).

The main problems are the backlog of tickets and the lack of transparency in the system. A lot of players believe it's their right to know players that were suspended, however, we have to give privacy where it's due, these are paying customers after all, and their personal and private information should be kept that way unless they decide otherwise.

As of today (4/6/11), the total amount of suspensions given is at 6,292, or, 34% of all tickets submitted by players; that's a pretty decent number

IPB Image

GameReplays: Outside of video games and your job, what occupies your time? Do you have a wife and kids? Are you still attending school?

Feanux: In my free time I hang out with my girlfriend who I live with, no kids thankfully. I enjoy going to the bar with friends and having a good time. Right now my main focus is work, though I am saving money to get my Paramedic license to become a Firefighter/Medic. Currently I hold my Basic EMT license and my Firefighting I&II certificate.

: Other than Heroes of Newerth, what video games are you currently playing and what video games are you looking forward to?

Feanux: The only other game that has my interest right now is Rift, though once Darkspore comes out I will be playing that. I've also been a Diablo 2 fan, so once that finally hits the shelves I'm sure I'll get into that.

GameReplays:Out of the 77 heroes that HoN has, what would you say is your most favorite and least favorite and why?

Feanux: Blacksmith. I love playing blacksmith, but hate playing against him, even though when I play him I seem to only get a sliver of multicasts that other players get, but that 4x nuke is oh-so-satisfying.

GameReplays: We understand that you were a Game Master before getting hired by S2 Games, but how did end up getting involved with Heroes of Newerth? How did you hear about the game?

Feanux: I originally heard about Savage 1 from one of my friends in high school. He was at the local big-box store and found Savage 1 on the clearance shelf so he picked it up for about $10. After playing that for a while Savage 2 came out. I played it for a while then forgot it even existed. I came back to it about a year later and I browsing the forums when I heard about their upcoming game and decided to put my name in for the closed beta and see what happened. I haven't stopped playing the game since then which is surprising for me, I generally get bored of a game within a month of playing it, but it's been over a year for HoN and there's something about it that keeps me coming back.

GameReplays: Iím assuming you played DotA, since almost everyone who plays Hon knew about or played DotA. Is there any hero from DotA that you really miss and want to be ported?

Feanux: I've actually never played DotA, which is weird because I use some DotA terms (BKB, Tangos) when talking about HoN items, probably because that's how they were introduced to me. The genre was not completely lost to me though; I played a bit of Demigod when it first came out so I had the premise of the game down. If I could have one hero ported from DotA though, it would definitely be Lycan.

GameReplays: If there was one thing you could change about Heroes of Newerth, an item, a hero, anything at all. What would it be and why?

Feanux: Wow, this is a tough one. If I could change anything in HoN it would have to be the map layout. I saw a few heat maps generated from multiple matches that illustrated where kills took place on the map with a dot, the more kills that took place at one specific spot, the more intense the dot became; the Legion jungle near the rune spawn lit up like a Christmas tree while the Hellbourne jungle was speckled with a fraction of the dots. I think, the more balanced the map is, in terms of Kongor and ganking, the more action we'll see.

GameReplays: Alright, well thank you so much Feanux for doing this interview with us. Is there anything else youíd like to add?

Feanux: I'd just like to thank you and let the readers know that backdoor is NOT against the rules, for the love of everything, you don't need to report it. Also, when doing reports, please be as detailed as possible.