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5,000 for HoN in the ESL Major Series

By kustodian - 2nd February 2011 - 12:46 PM

Probably the biggest E-sports league in the world has announced that from this month Heroes of Newerth will be a part of the ESL Major Series and it will be the top game with a prize pool of 5,000€. This is great news for HoN's competitive scene and for all the players from Europe.

Introducing the 8th season of the EMS!

We proudly present to everyone the 8th season of Europe's top online league! The finest leagues, more than a thousand players competing and thousands more will try to qualify - with 16,000 Euros worth of prize money for the best of the best. Fasten your seatbelts for the ESL Major Series Season VIII!
The IPB Image ESL Major Series is the highest level of European competition in the ESL for games and disciplines not included in the IPB Image Intel Extreme Masters. Over the past seven seasons and four years, more than 100,000€ in prize money has been won by hundreds of gamers.

While Season VII is in the final stages, we are today prepared to announce the upcoming season's games and prize distribution.

IPB Image

Heroes of Newerth (5on5): 5,000€
Counter-Strike: Source (5on5): 3,000€
Call of Duty: Black Ops (5on5): 2,500€
Trackmania (Team mode): 2000€
Quake Live (2on2 TDM): 1,000€
Pro Evo Soccer (1on1): 750€
FIFA (1on1): 750€
Source: ESL Official Site

ESL will organize four qualification cups for the HoN tournament and first four teams from each cup will get to play in the Major Series. Here are the details about the HoN tournament:

EMS VIII HoN: Qualifier Information

Today we inform you about the signups for the upcoming Heroes of Newerth ESL Major Series qualifiers. Sign up today for the qualifier and be a participant of the season featuring a prize pot of 5,000€! Take your chance to be one of the professional players in Heroes of Newerth!


To determine the best teams to play the ESL Major Series, we will host some qualifier cups starting on Sunday, 6th of February. The cups will be held in 5on5 mode. Here are all the dates and information about the upcoming qualification period. It is depending on the sign ups how many cups and how many teams we will make.


Team Size: 5on5
Maps: Forest of Calvadar
Mode: Best of 1
Qualification: Top 4 of each cup qualify for ESL Major Series Season 8
Source: HoN Tournament Details on the ELS Official Site

Sginups will be open till February 6th 14:00 CET, and the event will start on February 6th 15:00 CET, so hurry up and signup!