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Heroes of Newerth Predator Guide

By chappY - 15th September 2009 - 20:58 PM

The Predator is a N'aix inspired character. He is not as effective 1v1 as N'aix was in DotA, but Predator in HoN has a bit more to offer to the team in the form of his ultimate. I am going to show you two ways to build him, one for in a lane and one for in the jungle.


1. Skills Description

Venomous Leap

The Predator leaps toward an enemy unit, then strikes them with venomous claws. The enemy takes some damage and is slowed briefly.

  • Target unit - Enemy Units
  • Type: Magic
  • Range: 650
  • Mana cost: 90
  • Cooldown: 20/17/14/11 seconds
Leaps toward target, dealing 75/125/175/225 Magic damage and applying Venomous for 2/3/4/5 seconds.

Venomous effects
40% Movement slow

Usage: Your only method of catching your prey and ganking (killing other heroes). Unlike the N'aix counterpart of this skill, this slow is actually worth leveling as it's duration and initial damage increases with level. When ganking, you cast this as soon as they begin to run from you. For initiating, you'll typically use this to dive in and hit your ult with everyone, but only if your team is there to back you up. You're able to target magic immune targets as well, but neither the damage or slow will apply, you'll just leap.

Stone Hide

The Predator makes his hide like stone, granting him Magic Immunity, dispelling debuffs, and increasing his armor temporarily.

Adds +3/6/9/12 armor and magic immunity, lasts 3/3.75/4.5/5.25 seconds.

  • Self
  • Mana cost: 75
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
Dispels debuffs and applies Stone Hide to self for 3/3.75/4.5/5.25 seconds.

Stone Hide Effects
+3/6/9/12 Armor, Magic Immunity, Unpurgable

Usage: One of the only heroes in the game with a built in magic immunity spell, the usage of this spell will truly separate noobs from skilled Predator users. To maximize the use of this spell, you should only use it when magic is about to be used on you, so if you are chasing down someone without any slows or disables, then it's best to save it in case things go wrong. You can block projectiles like the arrow from Valkyrie and the hammer from Hammerstorm. For initiating, against certain line-ups it may be necessary to turn on Stone Hide BEFORE you leap into the middle of battle, to ensure that you can cast your ultimate without being disabled. Heroes with instant disables fit into this category, like Witch Slayer and Polywog, they will sheep you mid-leap.


The Predator feasts on his opponents flesh with each attack, allowing him to topple the mightiest warriors. Each attack damages opponents for a percentage of their current Health, and heals the Predator based on the damage dealt.

Does not work on Boss units.

On Attack Impact
Deals Physical damage to targets equal to 4/5/6/7% of their current Health and heals you for the same amount.

Usage: A form of lifesteal that is based upon the current health of your target. Basically, the fatter your target, the more life you steal and damage you do. Keep this in mind when you go up in a team fight, you are best suited at fighting strength tanks as you will use their strength against them. This is what makes Predator an effective counter to tanks. This is also what allows him to jungle. That doesn't mean you should target the tanks first in team fights however, typically you'll want to take out whoever has the potential to disable you after your stone hide wears off, usually Int casters.


The Predator roars, instilling terror in nearby enemies, reducing their armor. Allies who attack enemies affected by terror will receive increased attack and movement speed.

  • Self - Enemy Heroes
  • Radius: 450
  • Mana cost: 50/75/100
  • Cooldown: 60 seconds
Applies Terror to targets in radius around self for 20 seconds.

Terror Effects
-2/-4/-6 Armor
When activated, buffs attackers attack speed by 20/40/60 and movement speed by 15% for 4.5 seconds.

Usage: Quite a decent ultimate. This is basically an Area of Effect (AoE) fear spell that reduces enemy heroes' armor for a decent amount of time. This spell is why he is one of the best heroes suited as a side-carry/tank/initiator because there ought to be an Agility carry that can really tear the team to pieces once you cast this. Not only does it reduce enemy heroes' armor, but it places a debuff on enemy heroes' in range that grants friendly units increased attack and move speed. It is useful to turn around ganks on you or others, but I think it's most effective in large scale team battles where friendly units can really benefit from this spell. With it's relatively short cooldown you can use it in pretty much in any situation.

2. Skill Builds and Usage

2.1 Jungle Build:

  1. Carnivorous
  2. Venomous Leap
  3. Carnivorous
  4. Stone Hide
  5. Carnivorous
  6. Terror
  7. Carnivorous
  8. Venomous Leap / Stone Hide
  9. Venomous Leap / Stone Hide
  10. Venomous Leap / Stone Hide
  11. Terror
  12. Stone Hide / Venomous Leap
  13. Stone Hide / Venomous Leap
  14. Stone Hide / Venomous Leap
  15. Stats
  16. Terror

2.2 Lane Build:

  1. Stone Hide
  2. Venomous Leap
  3. Venomous Leap
  4. Carnivorous
  5. Venomous Leap
  6. Terror
  7. Venomous Leap
  8. Carnivorous / Stone Hide
  9. Carnivorous / Stone Hide
  10. Carnivorous / Stone Hide
  11. Terror
  12. Stone Hide / Carnivorous
  13. Stone Hide / Carnivorous
  14. Stone Hide / Carnivorous
  15. Stats
  16. Terror
The Jungle Build obviously focuses first on Carnivorous to survive in the jungle. You then should max Venomous Leap as it is your nuke/slow, unless you are versus a team full of disablers/nukers, in which case you'll level up Stone Hide for magic immunity.

The Lane Build focuses more on lane control by leveling Venomous Leap first. One level in Stone Hide is always gotten early to dodge projectiles and escape gank situations. Afterwards, you'll usually want to level Carnivorous for the increased damage and for ability to farm in the jungle when needed. If you're having a massive problem with disablers than you could level Stone Hide over Carnivorous.

3. Item Builds, Alternatives and Usage

3.1 Starting Items

3.1.1 Jungle Items

3.2 Core Items


3.3 Item Choices Afterwards

3.4 Details & Justifications

Typically any strength carry hero benefits from Insanitarius, but ESPECIALLY heroes with lifesteal, which basically offsets the only drawback of Insanitarius, the passive life drain. RotT/Chalice is gotten for minor mana regeneration, ring also becomes part of Abyssal Skull later, if necessary. Your MUST item is any situation is Shieldbreaker. Shieldbreaker really makes you a killer, especially when combined with your armor-reducing ultimate. Breast Plate is gotten late game for further attack speed and armor reduction. Notice that both Breast Plate and Skull really benefit the team in team fights, which you should be in the center of.

3.5 Alternative/Situational Items

Abyssal Skull
Shrunken Head

Shrunken Head is gotten if you simply need more magic immunity on top of your Stone Hide. Stone Hide + Shrunken Head basically ensures that you are magic immune for the duration of one entire fight.

4. Hero Specific Strategies and Techniques

4.1 Techniques

Projectile Dodging - A very useful technique is to activate Stone Hide while a projectile is incoming, such as Hammerstorm's stun or Voodoo Jester's stun.

Stone Hide TP - If a fatal gank or situation is inbound, your best bet is to stone hide and teleport immediately. If you only have level 1 stone hide there is still a small chance of getting stunned in the last few milliseconds. To increase the success of this tactic, be sure you're using not only spell hotkeys for stone hide, but item hotkeys for teleport, else you'll lose valuable time!

4.2 Strategies

Ganking - Here is how the ideal gank would go, if you gank a lane from the jungle. You approach the target and ultimate if you have it. If the target has a disable, turn on Stone Hide just before you think it's going to be casted on you, or while you see the projectile in the air. Get as many hits on the target before you use your Leap, utilizing your teammates slows and disables. Once they get out of your reach, Leap on them and make sure you attack walk your target, that is once you hit your target with your melee attack, walk next to them in the direction they are heading until your melee attack is off its cooldown. This helps get more attacks in to ensure a kill.

Initiating - Leap in, ultimate, and Stone Hide at the first sign of a disable, which is probably instantaneous. It's always recommended that you save Leap for actually chasing someone who is getting away, so if the opportunity presents itself for you to get into position without Leap, then take it. This may include an invisibility rune, or just the element of surprise by coming out of a nearby cluster of trees.

Escaping Ganks - Your only method of surviving a gank is Stone Hide, so using it to perfection is a must. DO NOT turn on Stone Hide at the first hint of danger; you must assess the situation. If the person is without a disable and you have your ultimate up, chances are you can just eat them. If they have a disable and an ally nearby you need to run, but save your Hide for when you see a projectile coming or a disable being cast, so you have to watch for cast animations. Every second of Stone Hide counts. Also, if you have Insanitarius, remember to use it to survive down to the last attack. If it is off, and you are one hit from death, turn it on you'll be given a couple hundred hit points to survive for a couple more seconds. When the danger has passed, turn it off and teleport home. If the danger comes back again hopefully your Stone Hide and Insanitarius is off cooldown and you can use them again.

5. Replays and Videos

6. Changelog

09/15/09 First release
10/15/09 Updated the boots change
10/29/09 Terror description updated
11/18/10 Item/Skill build and explanations updated, added technique and replay