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Heroes of Newerth Pyromancer Guide

By ToRtUr3 - 10th March 2010 - 22:52 PM

CATCH THIS! Most of you have probably heard this line in one of your games where Pyromancer fires his Ultimate at you. He is the equivalent of Slayer from DotA and is born to gank with his three devastating nuking abilities and one powerful tower pushing ability. Pyromancer is always a good choice for many lineups and games, so do not underestimate him, because this guy on fire.


1. Skills Descriptions

Phoenix Wave

Pyromancer sends forth a Phoenix that damages enemies in a line.

Level 1: Deals 100 magic damage to each target in a line.
Level 2: Deals 170 magic damage to each target in a line.
Level 3: Deals 230 magic damage to each target in a line.
Level 4: Deals 280 magic damage to each target in a line.

Mana cost 90/105/125/140
Cooldown 9 seconds

Usage: This is Pyroís primary nuke. Phoenix Wave can be used to its best potential by catching more than 1 enemy in its cone shaped path to benefit from maximum amount of damage caused. It is especially useful when quickly farming creep waves to get in some last hitting whilst damaging any nearby enemy melee heroes.


Pyromancer conjures a mighty elemental fire dragon at a target location, damaging and stunning enemies in an area.

Level 1: Deals 90 magic damage and stuns each target in the radius for 1.6 seconds
Level 2: Deals 150 magic damage and stuns each target in the radius for 1.6 seconds
Level 3: Deals 210 magic damage and stuns each target in the radius for 1.6 seconds
Level 4: Deals 280 magic damage and stuns each target in the radius for 1.6 seconds

Mana cost 90/100/110/125
Cooldown 10 seconds

Usage: An awesome area of effect stun which makes Pyromancer such a great ganker and aggressive lane partner. Use this followed by Phoenix Wave and you will reduce up to 560 health at level 4 off opposing heroes, especially making short work of squishy heroes.


Pyromancer increases his cast, attack, and movement speed after casting while at the same time catching anything he hits with spells or attacks on fire for a short time.

Passive Bonuses
+10/20/30/40 Cast speed

On any spell damage or attack damage done, applies Burning! to the target for 3 seconds.

Burning! Effects
-1/2/3/4 damage per second

After Casting a spell applies Fervor to self for 6 seconds and adds one charge.

+2/3/4/5% Movement speed per charge
+20/30/40/50 Attack speed per charge

Usage: A passive ability which makes Pyromancer go from scary to fearsome, allowing him to use his spells rapidly and even putting out a nice attack DPS power for a support hero. Not only does it work on heroes and creeps, but it also works on towers, allowing him to help destroy them quickly.

Blazing Strike

Using power granted from Sol, Pyromancer hurls a blazing hot fireball at a target enemy, dealing massive damage. This ability is boosted by Staff of the Master.

Level 1: Deals 450 magic damage to a target
Level 2: Deals 675 magic damage to a target
Level 3: Deals 950 magic damage to a target

Mana Cost 280/420/620
Cooldown 150/90/55 seconds

Usage: It is every kill-stealer's favorite ability. However, it is also the favorite of a good team player if used correctly. It deals massive damage in one blast and when used in conjunction with his other two spells, allows him to kill squishy heroes at the beginning of a battle. Always make sure you have enough mana to cast this along with your other two nukes since this is a mana intensive skill.

2. Skill Build and Usage

  1. Dragonfire/Fervor
  2. Phoenix Wave/Dragonfire
  3. Phoenix Wave
  4. Dragonfire
  5. Phoenix Wave
  6. Blazing Strike
  7. Dragonfire
  8. Phoenix Wave
  9. Dragonfire/Phoenix Wave
  10. Fervor/Dragonfire
  11. Blazing Strike
  12. Fervor
  13. Fervor
  14. Fervor
  15. Attribute Boost
  16. Blazing Strike

The first ability you should always get on Pyromancer is Dragonfire because of the stun it provides and it is very useful for the start of the game when the rune ganking begins. Dragonfire also is a great ganking skill later on or as an initiation ability.

Phoenix Wave scales better in damage and range than Dragonfire since the stun time of Dragonfire won't increase if leveled, so max that out before Dragonfire, for the highest damage potential.

Fervor helps with the long cast delay of your abilities and sometimes helps get off the final blows on an enemy, so you are better off maxing that out before getting stat boosts. Fervor is also useful for lane phase harassment. Focus attacks on the enemy carry while farming in the early game and with the DoT bonus, extra damage will hamper the carries ability to farm. Putting your first or second skill point into Fervor will be a good decision but will also delay your nuke power a bit.

Blazing Strike is kind of like an "I shoot, you die, I win" ability, especially early on. Always get this skill whenever it is available.

3. Item build

3.1 To start with:

1x Health potion
1x Runes of Blight
2x Mana Potion
2x Minor Totem
2x Wards of Sight OR 1x Monkey Courier

Pyromancer has two roles; as a ganker and as support, so your starting items won't have to boost your damage or harassment ability. Make sure that your team is supplied with the necessities, especially a Monkey Courier or Wards. Your team should always have both of those at the beginning, but usually you have another hero with such a role to get the item you do not get. The rest of the gold is used to buy supplies and some starting stats.

3.2 Core Items

Portal Key
Power Supply
Fortified Bracelet
Wards of Sight

Pyromancer consumes a huge amount of mana in the early game and will need something that allows you to continue nuking the enemy. The best choice to keep your mana full is a Bottle and grabbing runes occasionally to fill up the empty Bottle. Portal Key is one of Pyromancer's core items simply because it allows him to initiate or follow-up in an initiated battle to stun with Dragonfire. The basic Marchers are all you need for the beginning and you can decide later what pair of boots you will turn it into. A Power Supply is a must have on him as he is quite a squishy hero and the charges are very helpful for battles as well as the stat boost. He can make up for his squishiness by buying a Fortified Bracelet, and if that is not enough, buy another one. It is Pyromancer's job to keep up Wards of Sight throughout the entire game, so always have them on hand.

3.3 Choice of Boots

Plated Greaves

You will only need one of these two sets of boots.

Plated Greaves: This should be your first choice in boots since they provide extra speed, armor and have a nice little stat boost. Get these if no other ally has purchased them. They are good for the extra stats, armor and team support early/mid game.

Steamboots: If you get ganked a lot or have trouble surviving, the extra Strength from these boots will help you as will the extra mana if you switch them to Intelligence. The lower movement speed however is the downside to them, so not quite the perfect choice.

3.4 Luxury Items

Kuldra's Sheepstick OR Sacrificial Stone
Staff of the Master
Behemoth Heart

There are many items that are useful on Pyromancer, but the best late game items for him are those that make him less squishy or support the team. Kuldra's Sheepstick allows him to disable enemy heroes for 2.5 seconds, which is especially useful during battles. Sacrificial Stone gives him good survivability and great mana regeneration for his constant nuking. Both of these are great end game items for him, but donít try to get both. Staff of the Master is also good because of the survivability boost and a little extra damage on Blazing Strike. Behemoth Heart makes him harder to kill and at the same time shortens his ability cooldowns, allowing him to nuke more often.

3.5 Situational Items

Nullfire Blade

In some games you will encounter heroes with strong buffs/debuffs that need to be purged, so as a support hero consider getting a Nullfire Blade to purge those buffs/debuffs such as Hammerstorm's Ultimate. Puzzlebox is a great item to have, especially if you have a decent amount of slows in your hero lineup. Pyromancer is good hero to get this on, but only if you donít have another more effective hero for the use of a Puzzlebox such as Ophelia and Pharaoh.

4. Hero Specific Strategies and Techniques

4.1 Harassing your Enemy

Like any ranged hero, you want to try and harass as much as possible with your auto-attack whilst avoiding damage from creeps. Most of that comes down to timing and practice. Pyromancer has the little bonus from his Fervor ability that applies a damage over time effect to your enemy for extra harassment before being attacked by your opponent. Other than that, you can use your Phoenix Wave to try and last hit at least two creeps and maybe the enemy behind to get maximum effect and make worth the mana cost.

4.2 Roaming

The two nuke spells and Blazing Strike work together very well, that is what makes him a good roamer. Be sure to land your stun: predict where the enemy is moving, and don't stun where they are originally because chances are you will miss. After that it is Wave/Strike, and hopefully a dead enemy. Another benefit of Pyromancer is that he has relatively low cooldowns, and as such, don't be afraid to chase the enemy down to finish them off unless enemy support is needed.

4.3 Solo Mid and Ganking the Lanes

Most of the principles that can be used in this area can of course be seen above. If you're solo mid then make good use of Phoenix Wave and last hitting. Also rune control is paramount, especially because of the mana reliance that Pyromancer has. You or your allies should always put up wards to help you keep tabs on where the runes spawn.

Ganking lanes is of course all about timing. If possible let someone on your lane with a direct target stun or a slow initiate first to make it easier for you to land your stun followed up by the nuke combo. Having a hero like Glacius, Hammerstorm, Arachna, or Magmus in the gank with you will make your ganking experience much more successful.

4.4 Pushing Towers

One of the best attributes of Pyromancer for his teams is his third ability Fervor. Not only can you harass the enemy with it but it also stacks on Towers and destroys them in no time if you land enough auto-attacks on it. Use your other two nuke abilities to push back creep waves then focus your auto-attacks on the tower to take it down.

4.5 Initiating or Followup Initiating Battles

You will most likely not act as the main initiator of the team, but combining Portal Keys teleport with Dragonfire into the enemy is a great way to follow up an initiation. That is more useful than just auto-attacking, though some extra damage is still produced by Pyromancer because of his Fervor. A lot of this is situational, so judge the power of the enemy and the likelihood of you surviving. This is the key if you want to hang around in the enemy's sight and be a larger team fight contributor.

4.6 Striking down dangerous Enemies

Pyromancer is a great nuker and thus he should be used as such to kill off the usually squishy carry heroes that would otherwise deal a lot of damage to your team. So your main focus goes to either the strong supports that cower behind the enemy team or hurting the carries with your Blazing Strike ability. As with most spell casting heroes, you have low survivability and should try to avoid being focused, because a smart enemy is well aware of the damage capabilities Pyromancer has.

4.7 What should NOT be done

Never, ever steal kills from heroes that need them more than you do! If you want to rob valuable gold from your carries and team then go right ahead, but be prepared for the backlash and possibly losing the game due to you robbing a potential advantage for your team.

Checking the items of the enemy is crucial throughout the entire game, so always stay updated upon their builds. Try and refrain from using your nuke abilities, especially Blazing Strike, on enemy heroes or someone carrying one of the following items:


Arachna's Harden Carapace ability gives her a huge amount of Magic Armor for a decent amount of time. So whenever she has a purplish glow around herself, do not use spells on her.

Devourer is a really mean enemy and so is his Cadaver Armor ability that grants him extra Magic Armor. You will naturally see Devourers always carrying a Shaman's Headdress around with them too, so don't even bother nuking this hero.

Magebane is sneaky because whenever he blinks, he grants himself and the allies around him a decent Magic Armor buff. Try to avoid nuking him right after he blinks, instead wait a few seconds till that buff wears off.


Shaman's Headdress
Shrunken Head provides +10 Magic Armor to anyone that carries it. Never waste nukes on those heroes unless they are dangerous, such as Zephyr, and not far from death.

Barrier Idol
The upgraded version of Shaman's Headdress eats up 400 damage for every ally being affected from the activation. So try not to nuke a hero with this, rather nuke his allies.

Nullstone eats a direct nuke but is rarely seen. So if you get into the uncomfortable situation of finding this item on one of your enemies, do NOT use your Blazing Strike on him. It will just be useless unless he has been hit by another direct nuke right before. Area of Effect nukes like Dragonfire and Phoenix Wave do not trigger Nullstone, so they can safely be used.

Shrunken Head
If the enemy has a great reaction time, he will be able to turn on Shrunken Head when he sees your Blazing Strike shooting out of your staff. This is rarely seen, but keep an eye out for those enemies.

Barbed Armor
Barbed Armor return 80% of ALL damage dealt to the carrier. So if you land your Blazing Strike level 3 on your enemy, the 950 magic damage will be returned to you at 80%. If you want to risk killing yourself, then go ahead, but it is not recommended. Barbed Armor looks like spikes coming from the enemy heroes body, so it isn't hard to miss.

5. Replays and Videos


6. Changelog

03/10/10 First release