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Heroes of Newerth Valkyrie Guide

By deso - 24th March 2010 - 23:42 PM

Valkyrie is a direct copy of DotA's Priestess of the Moon, Mirana Nightshade. In her, enormous ganking power with one of the longest stuns in both range and duration and strong potential to farm and carry unite. She belongs to the old school class of DotA's competitive hero pool.


1. Skills Descriptions

Call of the Valkyrie

Valkyrie calls forth several Battle Maidens to damage nearby enemies.
  • Rank 1: Deals 75 Magic damage to targets in a 600 radius around the Valkyrie, additional 37.5 Magic damage to a random target within 200 radius.
  • Rank 2: Deals 150 Magic damage to targets in a 600 radius around the Valkyrie, additional 75 Magic damage to a random target within 200 radius.
  • Rank 3: Deals 225 Magic damage to targets in a 600 radius around the Valkyrie, additional 112.5 Magic damage to a random target within 200 radius.
  • Rank 4: Deals 300 Magic damage to targets in a 600 radius around the Valkyrie, additional 150 Magic damage to a random target within 200 radius.
Cool down: 12 seconds
Mana cost:100/120/140/160

Usage: A powerful nuke, as it deals heavy area of effect damage and, when used correctly, is one of the highest early game magic damage nukes. Since it hits for 450 Magic damage (magic damage reduction not included) on a target within 200 radius of yourself, this nuke drops enemy heroes really fast. Other than that, it is your basic farm skill. You can take out creep waves easy and fast with it.

Javelin of Light

Valkyrie hurls a Javelin of Light toward a target location. The first enemy hit (140 radius of the projectile) will be damaged and stunned. Stun duration depends on the distance the Javelin has traveled. The projectile can travel a distance of 3000 units.
  • Rank 1: Deals 90 Magic damage to hit target, stunning it. For every 150 units the projectile has traveled, the stun duration increases by 0.5 sec to a maximum of 5 seconds.
  • Rank 2: Deals 180 Magic damage to hit target, stunning it. For every 150 units the projectile has traveled, the stun duration increases by 0.5 sec to a maximum of 5 seconds.
  • Rank 3: Deals 270 Magic damage to hit target, stunning it. For every 150 units the projectile has traveled, the stun duration increases by 0.5 sec to a maximum of 5 seconds.
  • Rank 4: Deals 360 Magic damage to hit target, stunning it. For every 150 units the projectile has traveled, the stun duration increases by 0.5 sec to a maximum of 5 seconds.
Cool down: 25 seconds
Mana cost: 100

Usage: Valkyrie's signature spell. Whenever you think about Valkyrie, you think about Javelins. Since it has such a great range, it is a great tool for ganking, initiating, chasing. For further information check out 4.1 Javelin of Light, which focuses on the usage of Javelin of Light.

Courageous Leap

Valkyrie leaps forward, charging to battle. Her courage inspires nearby allies when she lands, granting increased movement and attack speed.
  • Rank 1: The Valkyrie leaps 630 units forward. After landing, Courageous Leap grants 4 Attack Speed and 4% Movement Speed to allies around her.
  • Rank 2: The Valkyrie leaps 690 units forward. After landing, Courageous Leap grants 8 Attack Speed and 8% Movement Speed to allies around her.
  • Rank 3: The Valkyrie leaps 780 units forward. After landing, Courageous Leap grants 12 Attack Speed and 12% Movement Speed to allies around her.
  • Rank 4: The Valkyrie leaps 840 units forward. After landing, Courageous Leap grants 16 Attack Speed and 16% Movement Speed to allies around her.
Cool down: 40/35/30/20 seconds
Mana cost: 40/35/30/20

Usage: With this skill, you can escape ganks, chase and generally travel over the map faster. Because of your Leap ability, you are one of the most effective solo lane heroes for side lanes.

Valkyrie's Prism

Valkyrie bends light itself, shrouding all allied heroes on the map in stealth. This spell has a 1.3 seconds cast time.
  • Rank 1: Applies Prism, stealth with 2.5 seconds fade time, to all allied heroes and self for 7 seconds.
  • Rank 2: Applies Prism, stealth with 2 seconds fade time, to all allied heroes and self for 9 seconds.
  • Rank 3: Applies Prism, stealth with 1.5 seconds fade time, to all allied heroes and self for 11 seconds.
Mana Cost: 200/250/300
Cooldown: 160

Usage: This Ultimate helps you and your team survive critical situations, makes team battles a lot easier, lets your team initiate on unaware enemies and so on. The stealth effect breaks once you attack, but you fade again once you stop attacking. You can escape from getting beat up and make some of the enemy ultimates like Tempest's Void or Chronos' Chronosphere pretty useless by them trapping your team when itís invisible.

2. Skill Build and Usage

  1. Javelin of Light
  2. Call of the Valkyrie/ Courageous Leap
  3. Courageous Leap/ Call of the Valkyrie
  4. Call of the Valkyrie
  5. Call of the Valkyrie
  6. Javelin of Light
  7. Call of the Valkyrie
  8. Javelin of Light
  9. Valkyrie's Prism
  10. Javelin of Light
  11. Valkyrie's Prism
  12. Courageous Leap
  13. Courageous Leap
  14. Courageous Leap
  15. Stats
  16. Valkyrie's Prism
Since the skill level of Javelin of Light does not affect the duration and it can therefore stun for 5 seconds if properly hit, you will take it first. If your team lines up at game start for a rune gank, a well hit Javelin can secure an easy first blood. It is even easier to hit it if you have any assisting target stunner in your team, such as Behemoth. Also, the single rank in Javelin of Light gives you enough power to roam around, setting up ganks.

The early point in Courageous Leap is mandatory to escape getting ganked on lane or chase. You max out your Call of the Valkyrie straight after since its damage output is fairly great early on.

You should not be getting Valkyrie's Prism at level 6; you simply don't have enough mana at that point of the game to use it in combination with your other spells.

After maxing out Call of the Valkyrie, maxing out Javelin of Light is the obvious choice. The combination of a hit Javelin and a Call of the Valkyrie on short range alone is highly damaging, not to mention the auto attacks you are able to throw in while your enemy is stunned.

3. Item build

3.1 To start with:

1x Runes of the Blight
1x Health Potion
2x Duck Boots
2x Minor Totem

Boosting your starting stats should be your priority since your early last hit power is really weak. A set Runes of the Blight and a Health Potion should be enough to keep you up in the lane until you have enough gold to get your bottle. The two Duck Boots and Minor Totems build into solid items for her later on.

3.2 Then..


2x Soulscream Ring
Iron Shield

Post Haste

Power Supply

Getting the Bottle next is important. The health and mana regeneration the Bottle provides allows you to either start roaming, which ultimately should result in allowing your lanes to get many kills, or use your Javelin and Call to harass your lane enemy and maybe get a kill. Depending on if you decide to stay in the lane and you are getting harassed a lot there, you might consider to get an Iron Shield out of your two Duck Boots and an Iron Buckler from the Outpost. If you want more health and mana, get two Soulscream Rings, as they boost your early stats pretty well.

Furthermore, itís advisable to get Steamboots instead of Enhanced Marchers on Valkyrie. Even with a built-in escape mechanism you are really squishy, and once you have blown your Leap, you can use all the survivability you can get. Also, the attack speed boost Steamboots provide will help you once you reach late game and get some carry items.

Power Supply is a perfect item for squishy heroes like Valkyrie. She can really use the burst of health and mana it provides in a pinch.

But if your team is lacking carries and you decide to take the role, Post Haste might be the item to get. Use it to farm as much as possible. Post Haste will give you the opportunity to either escape ganks easily with a Leap and teleport combination or teleport into a team battle almost directly, giving you more time to farm beforehand.

3.3 Mid-late game items

Geometer's Bane

Firebrand is without any doubt one of the best items for any agility carry hero. It gives you everything you need, from movement speed to attack speed to damage. The best thing is it builds into two of the most amazing items for the Valkyrie. You can either build it into Frostburn, a solid item not only providing you with the utility of slowing enemies while being fast and dealing fair amount of damage to them, it also gives the squishy Valkyrie the bonus health she needs to stay in battle long enough to make a difference.

If you decide to get another Attack Modifier, most likely Shieldbreaker, or if you just like the principle of having Illusions more than the extra slow, you can go for Geometer's Bane. While boosting your damage and survivability like Frostburn does, the two illusions spawned on use will deal 33% of your damage. These two illusions obviously scale with your damage, as long as your damage gets higher and higher, so does theirs.

Compared to Frostburn, Geometer's Bane is more of the late game type of item. Once you get other carry items such as Shieldbreaker and maybe Riftshards, your Illusions will add an incredible amount to your damage output.

Charged Hammer

You might choose to get a Thunderclaw on Valkyrie, as it is a popular item. Her attack speed is pretty low so she can make a good use of the additional attack speed Thunderclaw provides.
Getting a Thunderclaw should be based on your own personal experience with that item. There are people who like relying on random generated lightning effects as their damage output, others don't. Itís your call.

Once you have your Thunderclaw, you might consider upgrading it into Charged Hammer. Using the Charged Up effect on any of your team members that are priority on your enemyís focus list can turn around team battles.

Nullfire Blade

Getting a Nullfire Blade is always a good choice. It boosts your damage fairly well and gives you the ability to purge debuffs from you or your teammates, buffs from your enemies, purge summoned creatures or simply slow enemy heroes when they try to either initiate or run away.
If there is anything important to purge when you are playing Valkyrie, it is your priority to get it.

Shieldbreaker is the choice for those who would consider a heavy carry build. Paired with heroes like Pestilence or other armor reducers, the effect is simply devastating and a strong damage boost not only for you, but for all auto-attack relying teammates.

Wingbow is the classic carry and anti-carry item all at once. Once you reach the stage of a game where it is basically a showdown of the carries, you want to get this item. The evasion helps you a lot and the damage boost is high.

Luxury Items

Symbol of Rage
Daemonic Breastplate
Frostwolf Skull

If your farm is good and your damage is high, you want to get Riftshards. Not only does it give you a fair amount of damage (highest damage item in the game besides Savage Mace and Doombringer,) but the Critical Strike effect scales with your items. The better you are farmed, the higher you critically hit and the more devastation you bring to your enemy team. Symbol of Rage does both, keeping you up and alive in any team battles and providing you with burst heal in form of immense life steal should you become the focus target of your enemies. This is a must have for any late game carry.

Daemonic Breastplate is like Shieldbreaker an optional choice and maybe dependent on your team setup. Again, if you have armor reducing heroes in your team or heroes that heavily rely on auto-attack damage, this is the item to get.

Frostwolf Skull should only be taken if you chose not to get Frostburn. It provides a decent amount of survivability as well as a strong movement and cast speed slow, which will allow you to kite your enemies while dealing a high amount of damage to them.

4. Hero Specific Strategies and Techniques

4.1 Javelin of Light

Javelins of Light and hitting them or not is the thing that is looked upon with the most critical eyes. You can miss them through sheer luck or lag and people might call you noobs, criticize you and ridicule most moves you make. You can hit the most ridiculous Javelins with pure luck and coincidence, and some people will start loving you. It is a double edged sword. So here's what you should do:

First things first, a well hit Javelin out of the fog, maybe through a creep wave onto a enemy player that keeps circling around may be awesome, but it should not be your priority to hit them. What you should try to obtain is the foresight and the presence of mind to see where people might try to run to escape so you can snipe them off from good positions.

It is always easier to hit a Javelin on a slowed or stunned opponent. While it may seem less skilled to some people, it will in most cases secure a kill. So try to get your teams support every once in a while.

Another thing you should practice besides the foresight are places to snipe and the right timing to snipe. The night is your best friend as the Fog of War grows tighter and the field of vision of enemies grows shorter. Find the right positions to throw from and wait for the right moment and go for the kill.

Always keep an eye on creep waves. Nothing is more frustrating than throwing a good Javelin that would practically hit your enemy but does not because the next creep wave marches in its path. Keep on practicing your Javelin skills until you are confident in them, and Valkyrie will be a hero that fits in almost any team setup.

These are two basic ganking positions. Of course you can throw your Javelin from anywhere you want, but these are the standard Fog hidden places where you can safely toss a Javelin from.

IPB Image

The red line and arrows indicate the ganking space this position can cover. Moving to this position from the right will make sure you wonít get spotted by the line of sight enemy creeps provide. The blue line indicates when your Javelin will be seen. This is day-view. At night, the line draws much closer to the lane.

IPB Image

The position above will even cover the lower areas of the lane. You can basically shoot anywhere. Keep in mind that enemy creeps waves passing the lane will reveal the passage before you but not yourself, so time your Javelin right and the enemy will not see it coming.

IPB Image

This small passage in the Forest just next to the lane is an ideal ganking position as well. You can cover a wide area with this position, and even in daylight your Javelin will not be revealed unless he crosses the lane directly.

This picture also shows another thing you have to keep in mind: the hitbox of creeps and heroes. As hero models are much bigger than creeps, so is their hitbox (indicated by the blue and teal circles.) Your Javelin has a 140 radius of hitting, so adjust your aim.

4.2 Role: Ganker

The moment you have the Bottle and Boots, you are ready to roam the map efficiently.
Assuming you hit the right Javelins at the right time, you can get help out every lane of your team, which will most likely result in kills. With the mobility Courageous Leap provides and the stun power of Javelin of Light combined with your strong nuke, you can be one of the deadliest gankers in this game.

4.3 Role: Carry

If you decide to take the carry role, you should try to get as much farm as possible. Get Post Haste early on so you can stay on lanes as much as possible while your team pushes or forces team battles. Use your Post Haste to get into the action and get a few kills if possible and continue farming.

In most cases you cannot be both ganker and carry. Ganking results in a lot of wasted opportunities to farm, so decide well which roles you want to take.

4.4 Team Battles

Once you engage in team battles, squishy as you are, you want to stay at range. Use your Call of the Valkyrie wisely; try to hit as many enemies with it as possible to maximize your damage output. Stay at range and keep damaging your enemies. In most cases they underestimate the damage potential of a Valkyrie and prioritize on other targets to focus.

Do not use your Courageous Leap to initiate. You want it to be ready if you need to escape. If you are sure to get kills and not get killed while doing so (finishing low health enemy heroes, chasing low health enemy heroes,) you might consider to use the Leap to do so. However, if you are not sure of the consequences, do not use it. So many Valkyries are seen blowing their Leap because they got overconfident for a kill and dying while trying because a teammate used a homecoming stone or hid in the forest.

5. Replays and Videos

6. Changelog

03/24/10 First release