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Heroes of Newerth Strategies

The Heroes of Newerth Beginner's Guide
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Hero Guide

Midas: A Touch of Gold

Monday, 16 Apr 2012
This guide will be about Midas, one of the most flexible heroes in the game right now. This hero is amazingly strong when played right, but merely a shadow of what he could be in the hands of a player who doesn't understand him. The key aspects to successfully play this hero will be your timing,...
Hero Guide

Heroes of Newerth Nomad Guide

Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011
This is a guide about Nomad, a hero that's all about mobility and teamfight awareness, if you can pull it off it's one of the strongest heroes and you'll wreck in teamfights, but if you play him wrong you'll probably get killed in one big CC chain before you can do anything.NomadWriters...
Gameplay Tip

How to Become Less Squishy

Tuesday, 6 Sep 2011
It's quite a pain to play a support or ganker type of hero and still be able to stay alive at times. In short, feeding can be quite an annoying yet familiar word for anyone that plays those types of heroes. Becoming less squishy is essential for a good game (even as support) and there are a few...
Strategy Guide

Great Beginner Picks

Saturday, 3 Sep 2011
Great Beginner Picks!The main goal for any new player is to learn the basics of how to play, whilst not screwing up the teams you are playing with too much. So the hero that every beginner should pick is something that helps the team a decent amount, yet not being completely useless if killed a...
Hero Guide

Heroes of Newerth Rampage Guide

Tuesday, 16 Aug 2011
An oh so manly hero, many times forgotten or underestimated, but never forget the power of Rampage. Or maybe more so Manpage.When to (Not) Pick This HeroThis is very important and not a lot of people do it right. It's common sense. Picking a hero when the enemy has a lot of easy counters will...
Strategy Guide

Armor and Damage Types

Thursday, 23 Jun 2011
From shrugging off a Pyromancer ultimate, to tearing a carry to shreds with Pestilence, understanding armor and damage types is an important part of adaptive play in Heroes of Newerth. This guide will help you to understand the various kinds of armor and damage types, how they affect one another,...
Hero Guide

Heroes of Newerth The Dark Lady Guide

Tuesday, 24 May 2011
The Dark Lady is a very powerful hero throughout the game, due in large part to her incredible farming capacity and two extremely powerful steroid skills. If she manages to get farmed she can break the game like no other Hero and is able to turn seemingly lost games around. Combine that with a...
Strategy Guide

Statistics on Bubbles using Take Cover

Monday, 14 Mar 2011
As most of us know, Bubbles is a hero with extreme survivability. Part of this is because of his spell Take Cover, a spell with which he literally hides in his shell, rendering him immune to most forms of damage. By right-clicking this skill, Bubbles will automatically use Take Cover the moment...
Hero Guide

Heroes of Newerth Flint Beastwood Guide

Wednesday, 9 Mar 2011
This guide will aim to teach you about Flint Beastwood, a hero with a play style that attracts many players of various skill levels, requiring a certain finesse which, if executed successfully, can swing the odds of victory in your favour. This is, however, a fine line: poorly played, Flint's...
Hero Guide

Heroes of Newerth Pebbles Guide

Tuesday, 15 Feb 2011
Pebbles is the most powerful one man ganking machine that has ever wandered on Newerth. His burst potential is unrivalled and in the right hands he can almost single handedly win games by causing absolute mayhem within the enemy lines. Sounds like fun? Trust us, fun doesn't even come...