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Heroes of Newerth

Hero Spotlight: Berzerker

Video Type:Developer
Commentators:S2 Games
Berzerker arrives to Newerth from the frozen tundras of the north. He's a melee strength hero with a skillset aimed at slaughtering enemies and creating havok. An arsenal of heavy physical-based abilities helps him tear through the weaker opponents on the field.

Great items to start with are Chalice and Steamboots. Ghost Marchers may be picked up instead, if the mobility is needed, but since Mark For Death grants unit walking, it may not wise in every situation. Helm of the Black Legion is a great pickup for early game item boosts, as it grants heavy defensive abilities, and increases Berzerker's maximum health, which enables him to deal much more damage with Carnage. Insanitarius should be a core item as well, as it synergizes with all of his abilities perfectly. Shieldbreaker does provide a huge damage boost, as Berzerker's abilities are physical, however, his own damage and health is increased more with an Icebrand instead, which also allows him to chase down enemies much easier. End-game items should revolve around high damage output while still wielding defensive bonuses, such as Daemonic Breastplate and Behemoth's Heart.

Directed, scripted, organized, loved by Mia "Viole" Violet
Intro sequence courtesy of David Kim "RuthlessVoid"
Demonstrative staged scenes, final render, and other tidbits by Jakob Rossner "Smyger"
Commentary provided by Lynn Morgan

Heart pounding introduction music composed by Thomas-Adam Habuda

These tanky bruising heroes really make my little support heart cry. :[
If you thought that Gemini and Midas are broken, what to say about this thing? Seems too much op.
Seriously... Slow/root + movespeed buff/vision + stun immunity/damage boost? So just roam freely raping everything, unstoppable.. yes it comes with increased damage intake but skills promote getting huge health pool and isnt there a skill that saps damage and heals him a lot wacko.gif omg S2 l2balance