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Kanes Wrath

Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars Finals Season 1
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Speed and Subterfuge: The Arsenal of Traveler-59

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The newest and most devious faction of the Scrin sect of Traveler, Traveler-59 hits hard and fast with swift infantry and aircraft. Their Foremen can deploy even more terrifying mind-control technology, seizing control of crucial units and structures. Traveler-59 can quickly dominate the battlefield with their agility and destructive potential, though they necessarily suffer in the arena of brute force, as such heavy weapons and protection would impede their lightning-fast attacks.

In comparison with the standard Scrin arsenal, players will note these key differences:

Alternate units: Masterminds have been traded for the much more powerful Prodigy. While Traveler-59 does not have access to Devourer Tanks, they gain mind-controlling Cultists instead.

No shields: Traveler-59 does not use Forcefield Generators, leaving their Tripods and heavier warships relatively vulnerable.

New upgrades: Advanced Articulators provide an immense speed boost to Traveler-59 infantry, while Traveler Engines allow Traveler-59 to quickly deploy their Devastator Warships and Planetary Assault Carriers.

Alternate support powers: Traveler-59 trades the Stasis Shield for the Temporal Wormhole.

Be aware that other changes including prices and unit statistics may differ from the standard Scrin arsenal. Check out our full listing below for the complete Traveler-59 inventory.

For the complete breakdown of the Traveler-59 arsenal, check out the individual pages below:Also, donít forget our complete tech tree and our unit trees.

This information was compiled using version 1.02 of Kaneís Wrath. Corrections and discussion may be found here.

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