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C&C3 Kane's Wrath Ladder Season 2 Moves to the Round of 16

By methuselah - 26th November 2008 - 16:59 PM

Ladder Season 2 got off to an explosive start Saturday morning with the Top 32 playing over 100 matches combined to whittle the field down to 16. Here is a brief recap

Group Stage Breakdown Results

* In Group A, #1 Toobeyislife was not able to compete, and #32 Anavar joined him in elimination. Terminator’n finished 1st with {-Latex-} finishing behind him in 2nd place.

* In Group B, WCG USA Champ _Khufu_ sailed through to 1st place, going 3-0 and winning all of his matches 2-0, while #18 ranked I_Am_Legend went 2-1 to finish in 2nd place and advance as well.

* In Group C, n0match… knocked out #3 ranked Surprise with a 2-0 win. nOmatch... finished 1st in his group with Zicro finishing close behind in 2nd place.

* In Group D, top seeded Technique went 3-0 to finish 1st place, while Optik^ finished 2nd place going 2-1, losing to Technique in his final group stage match, but defeating -Viera and Unleashed earlier to advance to the Top 16 as well.

* In Group E, two C&C heavyweights advanced. World Cyber Games 2008 champion d.Dackel ranked #21 went 3-0 to finish 1st while #5 ranked sirlunchalot (known as Xeon to many) finished 2nd. AliasBoom and PsychoXNC were eliminated.

* In Group F, two other C&C heavyweights, 2007 WCG Champion Apo11oo finished 1st and C&C 3 Ladder Season 1 champion i.Train[harder] coming in at 2nd.

* In Group G, C&C 3 Ladder season runner-up Mr.Yuri fell while Dragonfood and LeOwnZall advanced

* In our final Group H, -Dynamic ranked #1 in last year’s C&C 3 Ladder Season, who was knocked out in round 1 last year as well, had his revenge going 3-0 to finish 1st place while USA WCG runner-up iironic coasted to 2nd place going 2-1.

The Top 16 will compete in the 1st round of our Double Elimination tournament beginning this Saturday, once again at 9AM P.S.T. Also, if you missed the Group Matches and would like to relive them a replay pack has been posted here. Additionally the round of 16 tournament bracket is here.