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ZAM Jason Bender BCPT Interview

By FallenXE - 20th November 2016 - 02:50 AM

Gaming site Zam.com's Eron Rauch has recently interviewed Jason Bender who is an industry veteran, the lead designer of the console port of Diablo III and also former developer at EA Los Angeles.

The two of them talked about how BattleCast PrimeTime aka CNCTV came about and how EA tried to have a headstart into the nascent video game casting and streaming scene with Tiberium Wars and BCPT. Said phenomenon is now mainstream and in fact something that we now see all around us buoyed by the various MOBAs and traditional powerhouses like StarCraft 2.

As stated in an excerpt from the interview:

E: Did this come out of any pre-existing information about esports? Were people at CNCTV watching what Blizzard was doing with StarCraft in Korea?

J: Oh yeah!

E: This seems like such a long way back before even Riot, the current experts in esports, had figured out how to do all of the broadcasting in-house.

J: EA was seeking the same goal that Riot was seeking. This was when Defense of the Ancients had exploded, and people loved it. We knew StarCraft had been successful for years, dominating on Korean TV. There had been all this talk about Twitch and things like this coming up in the future. Those things were starting to happen and they were really exciting. People at EA who were paying close attention thought, "Jeez, we can get in on this." It was tough though for a game team to roll it's own show. That wasn't something that anyone else was doing. But it was in the spirit of where Twitch is now. It was the exact same origin.
Source: Zam.com

Do check it out at their site if you are interested in reading the full interview! It does give a pretty thorough and behind-the-scenes explanation on the labour and effort that was needed to kicklaunch the BattleCast PrimeTime that we all know and love.