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The Flames Will Rise: The Arsenal of the Black Hand

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The secretive Black Hand had long been a force to be reckoned with inside the Brotherhood of Nod, but after the assassination of Anton Slavik and the assumption of power by the charismatic Marcion, the Black Hand's ideology and tactics shifted significantly. Becoming a sizable subfaction within Nod, the Black Hand embraced the idea of a warrior priesthood while disregarding traditional Nod specialties such as stealth, cybernetics, and air power. Marcion also embraced flame weaponry and infantry tactics, turning the Black Hand into the shock-and-awe faction of Nod. Due to its lack of stealth and aircraft, the Black Hand tends to be less subtle than a typical Nod force, but it compensates with tremendously powerful infantry and flame weapons that can reduce a base to ashes in seconds.

By comparison with the standard Nod arsenal in Kane's Wrath, players will note these key differences:

Alternate units: Avatars have been replaced with Purifiers, a weaker version of the walker that carries a flamethrower already loaded onto it. Stealth Tanks have been traded for a specialized anti-air unit, the Mantis. Militant Squads have been replaced by vastly superior Confessor Cabals.

No aircraft or stealth: The Black Hand does not have access to Venoms or Vertigoes, or any stealth capabilities. Nod units that are typically stealthed, such as Specters, Harvesters and Commandos, all operate without stealth protection. Shadow Teams are unavailable.

Faction-specific upgrades: Laser Capacitors have been traded for Charged Particle Beams, while Tiberium Infusion and the Confessor upgrade are replaced by Black Disciples and Purifying Flame.

Modified support powers: The Black Hand have a Power Signature Scan instead of Redemption. They do not have access to Mine Drop or Cloaking Field.

Elite infantry: Flame Tanks and Black Hand squads start as veterans. Black Hand Commandos are unstealthed, but start heroic and two can be trained at any one time.

Be aware that other changes including prices and unit statistics may differ from the standard Nod arsenal. See our full listing below for the complete Black Hand inventory.

For the complete breakdown of the Black Hand arsenal, check out the individual pages below:Also, donít forget our complete tech tree and our unit trees.

This information was compiled using version 1.02 of Kaneís Wrath. Corrections and discussion may be found here.

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