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1.02+ R12 Map Pack 1 Update October 2017

By phantom9399 - 9th October 2017 - 08:15 AM

Greetings Commander's. Today we are proud to announce the next iteration of 1.02+. This map pack contains 4 brand new 1vs1 maps and also 4 updated maps.

Sick City:
- Slowed down the blue fields regrowth(sec) 17 to 30 (so same as the 2 fields on Highlands).
- Toned second green field down slightly - it was identical to small town usa, but now it's 5k less both in start and max.
So from 60k max 50k start to 55k max 45k start.
- Removed 2 pixels of unbuildable paint on the entire length of the green strip, basically making it easier to place things closer to the edge. At first I removed the unbuildable paint altogether, but then scrin mcv could land on it, while gdi/nod mcv couldn't deploy on it, so didn't like that.

Tiberium Rift:
- Adjusted blue field Growth rate (secs): 20 to 35
- Made the lightning and fog more red'ish, inspired by the R6 version of Twisted Rift. (was requested - only added the red, not the different lightning angles from that version of twisted rift - much prefer the more standard ones from tournament rift)

Tournament Galaxy:
- Blue field in middle with regrowth(sec) of 40, mainly suggested by Bikerush and Masterleaf cause it needed something contested to counteract superweapon camp. The growth is slow, so it's more a tie breaker than a ''I have the blue so I win''.

Tournament Highlands:
- Resized the map from 4200x4000 to 4000x4000 (I had made it wider to tone down rushes a bit, but most players seem to prefer it to be smaller, so that's why)
- Removed all the unbuildable paint from the sandy/muddy slopes (my reasoning was that you really had to protect your mcv when going for the middle, but got quite some feedback of players who didn't like that, so changed it).
- The red middle/base ground was at 0 height - now it's at 60 and the main 2 field area was at 100 - so now it's a difference of 40 instead of 100 - making it more likely that you can deploy and place buildings on the sandy/muddy slopes.
- Moved mountain near start location little towards the middle due to having sized down the map, but the middle is still large and open to have proper late game formations/battles.
- Moved second field a bit closer, to get your expansion up just a little bit quicker.
- Relocated spikes and re did the accompanying terrain - now you cap the spike towards the middle right after you place your first refinery. Because some people said it's not fair a buzzer can reach the building before you can get there and also shadow teams could snipe one of the engies before.
- Placed the garrisonable building so that it still has vision over blue field.
- Added some terrain near blue field that you can use to ''dance'' your harv around to try and safe it.

Due to these updates we will be removing these maps from the ranked map pool while we run a consultation on them. The consultation will start on 13 October and end on 16 October.

The new maps added to the packs are the following:

Atacama Road (This map was released during the last update.).
Extraction Plateau
Golden Hour
Tournament Crater
Tournament Reef

These maps will be featured in the same consultation as the remade maps featured above.

If voted in by the community these maps will be added into the ranked map pool and will be used in tournaments.

Visit the Kane's Wrath Portal
Download the new map packs
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