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Kane's Wrath 10 Year Vanilla FFA Tournament

By phantom9399 - 14th January 2018 - 04:33 AM

Welcome back, Commanders! GameReplays.org will be hosting the Kane's Wrath 10 Year Vanilla FFA Tournament this Sunday, January 14th at 12:00 GMT. If you want to spectate, the event will be cast live.


Check-in will open at 11:00AM GMT and close at 11:45AM GMT.. If you are playing and have signed up for the event, make sure you check-in. Players must check in themselves; they cannot check in for other players. Players that do not check in will not be able to play. Players that check in will be added to the bracket, regardless of whether they are online at the start of the event.


Brackets will be finalized and presented on the first page of the sign-up topic soon after the tournament is due to start (and remember to refresh your browser each time you need to look at them).

Results and Replays

You should report the results of the matches and upload the replays in this topic.

Remember that you must not begin your next round until all of the replays (both defeats and victories) from the previous round have been uploaded. Until those replays are uploaded, any subsequent rounds will be invalid. The player at the top of the list in each group is responsible for uploading replays.

Round Format:

During this tournament players will be seeded into groups of 4. For each round players will face each other in 3 games. The top 2 players from each round will move on. The 2 winners of each group will be split into new groups containing 2 winners and 2 runner ups. This will continue until the Round of 4 where the last 4 players will face each other. All rounds will be played as a 3 game series.

Tie Breakers: In the event that several players are tied for a spot in the next round we will run a tiebreaker round. This round be be played on 1 map with the winner moving on. If there is more then 1 spot available then the spots will be given to 2nd, 3rd, ect. Players can pick any of the vanilla factions in this round. For the elimination round the tie breaker will involve players from all groups. In the ro8 (16 if required) onward the Tie breakers will only contain players from their own groups.

Gamereplays.org staff members will be hosting the games for this tournament, you will have 5 minutes to enter the lobby. Failure to do so may result in a disqualification. The staff members in the lobbies are to be treated as tournament referee's.


Players can only use GDI, Nod and Scrin during this tournament. Players can only use a faction once per round. If referees or commentators want to observe your game, you must open a slot for them. Not letting commentators or referees in may result in you getting disqualified from the tournament.

Points will be allocated to the based on what place they come after each game.
  • 3 Points for first place
  • 2 Points for second place
  • 1 Point for third place
  • 0 Points for fourth place
The two players with the highest amount of points at the end of the round will be declared the winners. If there is a tie between 2 players then they will have to battle it out in a 1v1 on Tournament Arena.

Map pool

  • Craters of Carnage
  • Crosstown Conflict
  • Downtown Dustbowl
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Oasis Onslaught
  • Redzone Rampage
  • The Battle for Middle Eqypt
  • Tournament Shaft
  • Wrecktropolis
A map may be played only once in each round.

The maps for every game are shown here, the maps are:
[*]Round of 16, Game 1: Downtown Dustbowl
[*]Round of 16, Game 2: Oasis Onslaught
[*]Round of 16, Game 3: Craters of Carnage
[*]Round of 8, Game 1: Heaven and Hell
[*]Round of 8, Game 2: Crosstown Conflict
[*]Round of 8, Game 3: The Battle for Middle Egypt
[*]Round of 4, Game 1: Wrecktropolis
[*]Round of 4, Game 2: Redzone Rampage
[*]Round of 4, Game 3: Tournament Shaft


Seeding will be fixed by the tournament organizers prior to the start of the event.

Result Reporting and Replays

After the winner of each round has been determined, it is the responsibility of the top player to report the victory to a referee and to post the result and the replay(s) in the specified results thread. Players may not proceed to play their next round unless and until the replays (both defeats and victories) from the previous rounds have been uploaded to gamereplays.org as directed by the tournament rules or staff.


Charles Warmonk

kochevnik (Russian Streamer)




We hope to see you on the battlefield, Commanders!
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