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Kane's Wrath Decade Cup Grand Final

By phantom9399 - 23rd March 2018 - 16:16 PM

Welcome back, Commanders! GameReplays.org will be hosting the Kane's Wrath Decade Cup Grand Final this Saturday, March 24th at 16:00 GMT. If you want to spectate, the event will be cast live.

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Quick Facts

Quick Facts about the Decade Cup:

Masterleaf: 53 Games, 41 Wins, 12 Loss, 77.4% Win Rate (includes Wildcard events)
Phoenix: 42 Games, 30 Wins, 12 Loss, 71.4% Win Rate (Includes Wildcard events)

Scrin: 87 Games, 49 Wins, 38 Loss, 56% Win Rate
Black Hand: 119 Games, 67 Wins, 52 Loss, 56% Win Rate
Steel Talons: 11 Games, 6 Wins, 5 Loss, 55% Win Rate
MOK: 28 Games, 15 Wins, 14 Loss, 54% Win Rate
Nod: 127 Games, 64 Wins, 63 Loss, 50% Win Rate
Zocom: 14 Games, 7 Wins, 7 Loss, 50% Win Rate
Traveller: 43 Games, 20 Wins, 23 Loss, 47% Win Rate
Random: 136 Games, 63 Wins, 73 Loss, 46% Win Rate
Reaper: 60 Games, 25 Wins, 35 Loss, 42% Win Rate
GDI: 108 Games, 43 Wins, 65 Loss, 40% Win Rate.

Make sure you check out the brackets linked below:

Remember that you must not begin your next round until all of the replays (both defeats and victories) from the previous round have been uploaded. Until those replays are uploaded, any subsequent rounds will be invalid.


Grand Final 24th March 2018
  • Opening Ceremony: Approximately 15:00GMT
  • Grand Final: Approximately 16:00 GMT
  • Closing Ceremony: Approximately 17:30 GMT

Map pool

  • Atacama Road
  • Pipeline Problems
  • Small Town USA
  • Tiberium Rift
  • Tournament Arena
  • Tournament Crater
  • Tournament Decision
  • Tournament Dustbowl
  • Tournament Galaxy
  • Tournament Odyssey
  • Tournament Rift
The map selection is fixed and not negotiable.

Starting map is:
  • Grand Final: Tournament Rift
After the first game in each round, the loser of the previous game may chose from the listed 1.02+ R12 Map Pack 1 1vs1 map listed above, provided the map has not already been played in the round.


For this tournament players will have to use the limited faction ruling. Random is included in this ruling.

We hope to see you all on the battlefield! Good luck, Commanders!



kochevnik (Russian Streamer)

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