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Kanes Wrath

Kane's Wrath Ladder Wars Finals Season 1
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Kane's Wrath Decade Cup Begins March 10th

By phantom9399 - 25th February 2018 - 16:29 PM

Greetings Commanders, the Decade Cup begins in 2 weeks and sign-ups are open. The ladder season is still going so make sure you grind out all the games you can to get the best ranking.

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Ladder Wars Entry:

The Ladder Wars will end at 10am on March 1st. At the end of the season every player who participated for the Ladder Wars will be able to sign-up to the group stages. The players will be granted entry based on their ladder ranking until we have 28 players signed up. In the event that the sign-ups are full and a player with a higher ranking signs up, the lowest ranked player will be removed from the sign-up list. Sign-ups will be open until March 5th 2018.

Wildcard Tournament Entry:

The following players are automatically in the Decade Cup for winning the Wildcard Tournaments.
  • Wildcard Event 1 Winner: Masterleaf. Prize = 2.5% current prizepool. Qualifies for Decade Cup
  • Wildcard Event 2 Winner: Technique. Prize = 2.5% current prizepool. Qualifies for Decade Cup
  • Wildcard Event 3 Winner: OneVision. Prize = 2.5% current prizepool. Qualifies for Decade Cup
  • Wildcard Event 4 Winner: Bike+Rush+Ownz. Prize = 2.5% current prizepool. Qualifies for Decade Cup

    Group Stage: Sign-ups will open on the 25th of February and will close on the 4th March. The group stage will be played on March 10 and 11.

    Seeding: Players will be randomly seeded into 8 different groups based on their rank. The top 8 will get a 1st seed, next 8 will get a second seed, ect. This will be done on a live stream on the 4th of March around 12:00 GMT.

Prize Pool:

SpartacusTV: $1000USD
Sparty: $1000USD
phantom9399: $120 USD
Zypherbullet: $120 USD
Vivo: $60USD

Total: $2300 USD

The number in the brackets is with a $2300 USD prizepool to give players an idea of how much they will win.

1st place: 45% ($1035)
2nd place: 20% ($460)
3rd place: 10% ($230)
4th place : 5% ($115)
5-8th place: 2.5% each (10% total) ($57.50 per player)

Wildcard Event 1 Winner: 2.5% ($57.50)
Wildcard Event 2 Winner: 2.5% ($57.50)
Wildcard Event 3 Winner: 2.5% ($57.50)
Wildcard Event 4 Winner: 2.5% ($57.50)
(10% Total Towards Wildcard Events)

Group Stage

If for some reason we are not able to make the RO32 in the group stage. Players will be seeded into 4 groups with the top 4 players from each group moving into the RO16. The tournament will then continue as normal.


The main streamers of this event are:
Kochnevic (Russian Caster):

Live Casters (Cast games live but not stream):
Generals Gentlemen

All other players are not permitted to stream/record games during this event. Any players caught streaming/casting without permission will face penalties.

Lag: If a game is lagging the players may request the observers to leave. HOWEVER the Main Streamer's will have permission to overule this request and continue streaming. The Quarter Finals on wards MUST be live cast.

Wildcard Tournament Stats

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We hope to see you on the battlefield, Commanders!
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