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Gaming Night #1

By Zypherbullet - 10th December 2017 - 13:47 PM

Welcome back, Commanders and Commanderrettes!

We have polled your opinions and settled on the very first official GameReplays...

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To be hosted on Friday December 15th 2017, starting from 18:00 GMT. So if you're looking to get games in and want to kick off your weekend with a great start, then be sure to join in on the fun!

But Zypher, what are gaming nights?

Well my dear commander, that's really simple. It's a night - or evening - on which we will all go online and play Kane's Wrath. Instead of hopping on every night of the week, desperately looking for a worthy adversary, you will now know that Friday is the time to go online!

That sounds amazing! How do I sign up?

That's the great part. You don't! Just go online on Friday during the evening (GMT) and be there. You're not bound to do anything, just have fun.

But what about that themed events thing I read about in the poll?

In order to spice up everyone's gaming life, GameReplays offers to host certain themes during the evenings on Friday. This will always be a surprise and can be anything; like a custom map, a small in-game challenge, a forum contest, a certain mod, a new game mode, a specific faction, a boss-raid map - you name it. This is a community event, so if you have any suggestions, then do share and it will likely come up some time. We can even make a map/game mode if the demand is there.

But... I don't want to participate in that theme...

Then don't. You're absolutely free to do as you please. When GameReplays hosts a certain theme, the goal is to make that specific thing more accessible to everyone. For example, normally few players play a mod online. With the GameReplays hosted theme event, everyone may be more inclined to play the specific mod that we chose.

Anything else?

We only wish for the players to have fun and GameReplays would like to help out in any way that we can. These events are not focused specifically focused for the pro players but rather for everyone in general. To add to that, we will also be releasing fun stuff like skin packs and posters from time to time too. For free!

So remember, the first gaming night ever will take place on Friday December 15th from 18:00 GMT. The first theme will be Golden Hour.

Interested in going online then? Or do you have any suggestions already? Do let everyone know by joining the discussion.

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Do you want to stay updated on the following gaming nights? Then follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and join the Discord!

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