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Ladder Wars and Ranked March Update 2024

By phantom9399 - 13th March 2024 - 00:21 AM

Ranked Update: Changes Coming Soon!

Dear Kane's Wrath Community,

We're excited to announce some upcoming changes to the Ranked system that we believe will enhance the competitive experience and provide more variety for players.

Single Elimination Format for March Ladder Wars Finals:
Starting from the March Ladder Wars Finals, Ranked will transition into a single elimination format. Despite this change, 8 players can still sign up, ensuring a challenging and competitive environment for participants.

Introducing a Rotating Map Pool:
Beginning in May, we will be implementing a rotating map pool system for Ranked matches. This change aims to assist new players in improving their skills by allowing them to focus on a smaller set of maps each month, while also introducing a unique map pool rotation.

Map Pool Categories:
The maps will be divided into the following categories:

Official: EA Ranked Maps
Remakes: Remakes of existing Maps
Technique: Maps created by Technique
Desolator: Maps created by Desolator
Mixed Bag: Maps created by other Map Makers.
Monthly Rotation:
Each month, two maps from these categories will be cycled into Ranked, while the remaining maps will be set to unranked status. Moreover, the maps selected for Ranked will also be used in the Ladder Wars Finals each month.

Future Plans:
In the future, we plan to introduce a sixth pool for trial maps in Ranked. These trial maps will be assessed based on player feedback and popularity. If a trial map proves to be popular among the community, it will be officially added to the rotation pools.

We believe these changes will contribute to a more dynamic and engaging Ranked experience for all players. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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