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Tip of the Week #113 - The Rig Rush

By AggressivePanda - 12th January 2015 - 18:07 PM

Greetings, Commanders! Today, I will be teaching you the basic aspects to perform a successful rig rush.

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The Rig rush is one of the most difficult strategies to pull off against your opponent, as it takes micro, macro, anti-scout and many more key aspects to pull off successfully.

Here are the basics.

First of all, the map choice. Let's say if we play on Rift, the distance between the two bases is quite large so any type of mid/early game rush takes time to advance towards the enemy base. The Rig is a slow-moving armoured unit and the rush in question should be only used on certain maps, e.g. Tournament Undergrounds and Volcano Struggle.

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The second aspect of performing a successful Rig rush is speed/macro. This rush must be performed very quickly as it can easily be spotted (more on that later). The faster the build, the more effective the rush will be in the end.

The third and final aspect is anti-scout. As long as your opponent does not suspect the Rig rush, he will have a lot of trouble dealing with it. Make sure you have a Watchtower available at all times and enough scouts to fend off any enemy foot soldiers that accidentally sneak through.

This is the build you must follow to successfully pull of a Rig rush.
  • Power Plant
  • Barracks and 2 Riflemen - send the Riflemen to a location where they can most certainly deny enemy scouts.
  • An Engineer or two, depending on the map.
  • Refinery make sure to micro your harvester as the extra income could come in handy later on.
  • War Factory - make sure to build only 1 Harvester.
  • Command Post - once built, build a Rig and a Shatterer out of your War Factory. Move the Rig and Shatterer towards the enemy base as soon as they are built.
  • Airfield - make sure that your Rig and Shatterer have been built before building any Orcas or even an Airfield. Queue 3 Orcas and sell off the command post, now queue a single harvester and build a refinery.
Once your rig has arrived at the enemy Tiberium field, you must deploy it as soon as possible.

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1 - Harvesters - once the rig has been deployed your Shatterer should catch up and both the Rig and Shatterer should begin firing at enemy Harvesters (be sure to aim for the ones with the most Tiberium).

2 - Disintegrators - if your opponent decides to go for some Disintegrators, make sure to micro your Shatterer around the Rig while firing at enemy Disintegrators. If they go for more than one Portal and spam Disintegrators, cancel all the Orcas on queue and contruct a Hammerhead. The Hammerhead should be repaired by the Rig while it fires. In case your opponent manages to sneak a few Gun Walkers out, be sure to micro your Hammerhead back so it doesn't get destroyed.

3 - Orcas - Use the premade Orcas to help snipe Harvesters. When combining the Rig, Orcas (or even Hammerheads) and a Shatterer, you should drive your way to victory with the GDI/ZOCOM Rig rush.

The Rig rush is most effective against both Reaper-17 and Scrin factions, as they do not have any substantial tier 1 units to deal with this sort of rush. Even if you don't kill them straight off, as long as you manage to cripple their economy enough, it is in fact a successful rush.

Be careful in case your opponent is going for either a Disintegrator all-in or a Dev-Corrupter push. In both of these cases, either Hammerheads or Orcas would deal perfectly with these counters.

Here we see a demonstration of the Rig rush being performed.


I would like to thank the founder of this build, P.Eden (aka Plan.Eden) for helping me understand the Rig rush.

Thank you for your attention, commanders. See you on the battlefield.