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Tip of the Week #47 - Ion Storms

By rentaromon1 - 16th February 2009 - 18:19 PM

Scrin's advanced technology is mostly centered around keeping their units alive and durability. Most of their units can either be healed via direct Tiberium exposure, standing close to a Warpsphere or the infamous Corrupter goo. However this week we be discussion yet another possibility: Ion Storms.

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Ion Storms

The ion storm is a cloud created by the Storm Column or a Planetary Assault Carrier's secondary ability. The strom generates multiple short range bolts of lightning as well as one powerful long range bolt that can attack both ground and air units. All Scrin air units get a health regeneration bonus as well as a considerable damage buff. OF course prior to patch 1.02 the health regeneration buff was close to 1% and now has a massive leap up to 3% of the units total hit points. But what does this mean? The more total health your unit has, th faster it heals. Hence an Ion Storm in the middle of a PAC horde can do some serious damage if not countered properly.

Lets take a look at the two units responsible for Ion Storms:

The Storm Column

Cost: $3000
Build Time: 30 seconds

IPB Image

The Storm Column is the tier 3 defensive turret available to all 3 scrin factions. It creates an ion storm above it that is constantly active when the structure is powered up. The column is the most expensive of the other tier 3 defenses but is also the only one that can attack air units. The best places to place the column is at choke points and near targets you expect your enemy to attack with tanks or air units. For more info about defense positioning check out TotW #14

Important information:
  1. When the storm is in the air it takes up that build area, meaning that you can not build other structures near the spike. By turning off the column and waiting for the storm to clear you will have that build area again.
  2. The storm will stay in the air for a short time after the column is destroyed meaning that you can get a few shots off even in death. The powerful bolt can not be used after death.
  3. The short range bolts will attack enemy husks in range; so be sure to switch off your column if you plan of capturing some enemy units

Planetary Assault Carrier (aka PAC)

Cost: $3000
Build time: 30 seconds

The PAC can activate a secondary mode that creates a ion storm around it but it can not move during this time. PAC's work usually well in groups of 3 or more and other Scrin aircraft; they cancreate a large hazard zone where enemy units dare not pass and ultimate hold a choke point for a very long time until reinforcements arrive. Additionnally the PAC can be used like aRig; keep it out of the main fight and retreat any air units nearby for an instant health boost and quick defense.

Important PAC information:
  1. PACs are healed by there own ion storm. They heal with the speed to cancel out most unupgraded AA damage.
  2. Drones can be destroyed easily by enemy AA. If a ship is destroyed it takes around 30 seconds to be replaced.
  3. When the PAC is in its secondary mode you can not select its attack targets.
  4. Ion storms can cause the shield to come back faster after it is destroyed.
    The PAC ion storm will stay after death like the columns.

Devastator warship and Planetary Assault Carrier Combo:

The two late game units for scrin and traveler work great as a team. Wile the Warship bombards a base the Pac can heal and defend it from incoming enemy threats. If you can get a large number of Pacs and warships together in your enemies base they are doomed.

Devastator Warship/Ion Storm Combo

IPB Image
  1. It is important to keep the Warships in a small radius around the PAC so that they receive the Ion Storm Buff.
  2. There are 2 good ratios to have your army consist of. Two PACs for every Warship: this way all of your warships are heavily defended and are always in a healing storm. Or 1 to 1 ratio: this way you have more siege damage potential but your Warships are still defended well.
  3. PACs can not stop Fire Hawks from killing your warships. They can not deal the damage needed in time so its best to bring other AA units like Gunwalkers or Shock Troopers to aid you.
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