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Tip of the Week #48 - Redeemer Tactics

By xlava - 23rd February 2009 - 09:22 AM

Harassing with the Redeemer

Harassing with the Redeemer can be quite rewarding if pulled off correctly. When harassing Harvesters with your Redeemer, use hit and run tactics. Once the Harvester retreats after being attacked, and the enemy forces move to the front lines, use the Rage Generator before you quick turtle away. This can be a demoralizing way to whittle your enemyís forces down without really attacking them. Also, be sure to upgrade it with two Rocket hardpoints if you plan to use the Redeemer in this fashion, for quicker harvester killing.

IPB Image

Having artillery support from beam cannons or specters can also be helpful, so that while you take out the harvesters, your artillery takes out the refineries.

If possible cloak your Redeemer. Nod and the Marked of Kane can be very beneficial this way, as a cloaked Redeemer can be unbelievably irritating and hard to find. This way, you can sneak it behind enemy lines, use the Rage Generator, crush any vehicles and then finish them off with your tri-laser.

Donít forget air support! This is critical, as eight or so Orcas can take out your Redeemer with a couple of runs. Units that do not have to reload at base are even more dangerous, like Stormriders. Make sure you have something to discourage them, like venoms or buggies.

Leading your army

While leading a steamrolling force at your enemyís base, consider the facts. Your Redeemer is obviously the most powerful unit, meaning that your enemy will most likely target it first. This is good! This means that you have a distraction so that your other units can start attacking with impunity. Sneak a Stealth Tank or two behind enemy lines to kill Harvesters. Of course keep your finger on the Rage button and use it fluently.

Artillery Support

This is a very effective strategy that involves having your Redeemer in front of your artillery units, providing defense for the artillery while moving slowly closer to your opponent's base. This way, the artillery takes out any base defenses that pose a threat to the Redeemer, while the Redeemer itself takes out anything that would harm the artillery.

IPB Image
This is the most effective artillery crawl strategy setup. Make sure your artillery stays behind your Redeemer at all costs


The preferred escorts for your Redeemer should probably be anti aircraft units, as this is what the Redeemer is most susceptible to. Venoms should do nicely, as they are fast, and agile, also, try and upgrade them if you can. Black hand units are great for anti infantry and of course, so are buggies. In general, it is best to have fast, tier 1 units escorting your Redeemer.

To see a great match where Redeemer usage is demonstrated effectively, check out this replay: