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Tip of the Week #64 - Countering APC combos as Traveler

By vOddy - 17th June 2009 - 09:06 AM

Scrin, as a whole, is a power house faction with powerful and expensive weaponry that a very effective against a wide range of enemies. However since Scrin lack any significant mid-game power units, bar Devourers, make them very prone to get rushed by GDI and Nod. More so Traveler 59 faces a huge threat from early/mid game attacks and one of these is the infamous GDI APC and Missile Squad combo. This week we will be discussion how to counter this well balanced attack force with some sneaky alien tactics.

Countering Rocket + APC Rushes as Traveler - 59

As Scrin, versus any side, you have no excuse to not knowing what your enemy is up to, at least in the early game. Buzzers are cheap, very fast, and heal in tiberium. This makes them the perfect early-game scouts. They are so fast that they can almost always get in an enemy base and let you know what is going on. If you see infantry, just move around them.

IPB Image
The Gunwalker in action

The Counter

If you spot an APC + Rocket rush on the way, this is what you should do:
  1. Get as many harvesters as he has. (Most of the time the enemy will only have one harvester. If he has one, you stay at one. If he has 2, you stay at 2 until you have gotten the appropriate defenses to defend against the rush.)
  2. Spend as much money on Gunwalkers as he has spent on Rocket APCs. Do not spend more money on Gunwalkers than he has spent on Rocket APC's. A Rocket APC is 1100.
  3. When you have an army of Gunwalkers worth as much as his army of rocket APCs, build 2 harvesters and another refinery.
  4. Fight the APCs. Use formation move to have your Gunwalkers stand in a line, facing in his direction. If a Gunwalker reaches yellow health, reverse move it back to the Warp Sphere to repair.
IPB Image
The Gunwalker fighting off the Rocket + APC rush

Additional Notes

If you have a decent cash flow, you can also get one Photon Cannon. However, you should not rely on Photon Cannons to stop this rush. It won't work versus good players since they might be able to just suicide attack your harvesters and destroy them, or move around the cannons into the back of your base and destroy things like power plants. If you just spam Photon Cannons all around your base to protect every area, you will have spent so much money on it that your opponent will automatically win by just building up his economy and steamrolling you later on.

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