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2v2 KW Tournament Presented by GameReplays and EA

By DarkMorgulKing - 30th July 2008 - 19:26 PM

With the release of Kane's Wrath's first balance patch, GameReplays.org will be hosting its second tournament. Unlike the previous one, however, this tournament will be 2v2! The tournament will be open to 32 teams, with nearly $300 in prizes.

The Brackets

IMPORTANT: If you are on the LEFT SIDE, you are in GROUP A (Lobby is Tournament A). If you are on the RIGHT SIDE, you are in GROUP B (Lobby is Tournament B).

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The Details

DATE: Saturday, August 2nd

TIME: 5:00 PM GMT. If you aren't sure how that converts to your time zone, use this Time Zone Converter
It is your responsibility to make sure you show up at the correct time! You will not be reminded!
The entire tournament will be finished within an estimated 2-3 hours. Please plan your time accordingly!

LOCATION/GAME LOBBY: (Referees in parentheses) Your game lobby will be determined by the bracket group you are in. You will not find this out until the brackets have been released.

Group A - Tournament One

Group B - Tournament Two

PLAYERS: This tournament is open to 32 teams of 2 players, played over five rounds (all on the same day!!). Sign-ups will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Players who were no-shows to previous GameReplays.org tournaments may be excluded from participation.

PRIZES: The prizes for this tournament have been provided by sponsorships from GameReplays and EA.
  • First Place (each player on the winning team): $100 cash
  • Second Place (each player): $40 online gift certificate to store of choice
Send methuselah a personal message with the online name you plan on using. INCLUDE: Your online ID, the Gamereplays.org username of your teammate, and your teammate's online ID.


If you don't get a confirmation reply immediately, please be patient!

Please do not sign up if you aren't 100% sure you will be attending the tournament! If the tournament fills up before you sign up, you will be informed and given the chance to be an Alternate or remove your name from the list.

If you need a teammate, click here, where you can find players who are looking for someone.

Cancellation: Things can come up, but please inform methuselah ASAP if you will be unable to attend the tournament, so that a slot can be opened up for a team that can.

Failure to show up without in-advance cancellation may result in registration denial from future tournaments.

FORMAT: The tournament will be Single-Elimination and Best-of-One until there are *FOUR* teams remaining (the semi-finals), at which point it will be a best-of-three (and still single elimination).

Maps Predetermined, dependent on round number. See below.
Factions All allowed, including random.

Seeding Seeding will be done through random assignment after registration once 32 teams have signed up. Brackets will be released as quickly as they are filled up. Once the brackets are posted seeding is considered final, excluding updates for Alternate players.

Match Result Reporting Rounds 1 through 3 will not be watched by referees. Please save your replays in case there is a result dispute!! Once there are eight teams remaining, matches will be refereed and the replays automatically saved.

Out-of-Sync (OOS) Errors: Due to fact that OOS are somewhat prevalent during KW matches, the following policy will be followed - Firstly, YOU MUST SAVE THE REPLAY IF YOUR GAME GOES OOS. A tournament staff member will review this replay. If there is a clear winner, that player will advance. If not, the match will have to be replayed. Keep in mind that the staff member's decision will be 100% final and non-negotiable. Your eligibility for future tournament may be hindered by conflict. Repeated OOS errors in relation to a particular player may indicate abuse. Should this occur, the player in question may be disqualified.

Cheating/DCing/Dispute Resolution: Reports and issues will be resolved by the tournament manager and the referees. Cheating and intentional DCing will result in removal from the tournament and a ban from all subsequent tournaments hosted by Gamereplays.org. Poor sportsmanship may also result in disqualification from the tournament.

Other: Players that do not show up for their play time and are more than 15 minutes late will be disqualified. At this point, an alternate team will replace them, or the other team will receive a bye for the round. Players are expected to continue playing until eliminated or the end of the tournament is reached. Failure to play rounds in an expedient manner will result in disqualification.

Round One: 32 Teams, Best-of-one, Downtown Dustbowl (16 Games)
Round Two: 16 Teams, Best-of-one, Arid Remains (8 Games)
Round Three: 8 Teams, Best-of-one, Oasis Onslaught (4 games)
Round Four (Semi-Finals): 4 Teams, Best-of-three, Unsound Investment/Wrecktropolis/Heaven and Hell (6-9 Games)
Round Five (Finals): 2 Teams, Best-of-three, Unsound Investment/Wrecktropolis/Heaven and Hell (4-6 Games)

All questions and queries can be directed at the tournament manager. Good luck to all participants!