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Tip of the Week #20 - Attack or Not?

By L3g3nd4ry - 10th August 2008 - 16:20 PM

Decisive Offense

Deciding on the right to attack is crucial for any victory. An often blind sighted attack could result in high casualties or even an instant loss. This week's tip will help you make the right choice when attacking and, if implemented correctly, ensure you gain the upper hand against your opponent.

Here is an example:

You are playing as the Black Hand. Its late game and your army consist of mostly Purifiers, upgraded Scorpions and a bunch of Raider Buggies. Going in head forward right into the enemy base could result in a win, but the odds will be stacked against you. What if the enemy has air units? What if he uses a sneak attack while your forces are away and destroys your economy? What if he outnumbers your Purifiers 2-to-1? All these variables are crucial that can decide who is victor or not.

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As you can see; the GDI player obviously did not scout beforehand.

So, how you decide whether or not you should attack? Here are some guidelines:

The first step is scouting. Any player can scout, but good players scout constantly throughout a game. Always try and keep a full visual on your enemy, use cheap infantry or support powers to see what the enemy has in his arsenal, what is his economy is in comparison to your own and what his base layout is.

The second step is analyze and prioritize your targets. See whats most vulnerable or most efficient to destroy and what to attack next. Of course important targets such as harvesters, tech structures and MCVs will be well defended, so you will have to devise a game plan before you make your move.

The next step is matching your forces against his. If he has higher tiered units then you should try to tech up, if he has a superior air force then you should invest in more anti-air and if he has more units then you then you should try to increase your numbers before sending the first wave or prepare yourself for a little defense.

The final step is up to you, ask yourself questions on your situation against his. Here are some prime examples:
  • Do I need more infantry/vehicles/air units?
  • If my enemy has air/invisible units do I have the right units to counter them?
  • How will my enemy respond if I target his (priority target) head on?
  • Will I need to utilize any support powers? If yes, how much money should I float?
  • Do I need to defend for a bit?
IPB Image
This Nod player is well prepared for the fight at hand.

Remember these are recommended guidelines and the ultimate result could be determined by your level of micromanagement and play-style. But remember the next time when you attack that you are well equipped and know what your enemy's weak points are.