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Tip of the Week #3 - Railgun Accelerators

By Hogo - 12th April 2008 - 20:28 PM

The Rail Gun Accelerator is the new support power available exclusively to the Steel Talons subfaction. Put simply, when the support power is used, it increases the rate of fire of all of your Railgun equipped units by roughly 33%. However its immediate drawback is that units will gradually lose up to 33% health over time while this ability is in use. This means that you will have to use the ability carefully and at the correct moment of the game.

The support power affects the following units - only when they are upgraded with Railguns (so don't try and use it without researching the upgrade)
  • Titan
  • Mammoth Tank
  • Rig
  • Guardian Cannon
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When To Use The Support Power?

So you have the Railgun upgrade and the support power all ready but when should you use it?

In all honesty the "ideal situation" does not exist and its purely situational. However a good rule of thumb will be to utilize the support power when you are facing superior numbers on either offense or defense, as it can help turn the tides in your favor and limit your losses. Remember that the Guardian Cannon is also affect and so when used correctly the Guardian Cannon can do more damage than the Sonic Emitter and they are much cheaper and consume far less power.

Having units such as the Mobile Repair Transport, Rig, or simply being in the vicinity of War Factory's Repair Drones is crucial as it is needed to help offset the increased damage that your units will take. The Rig is especially helpful as it can be repaired as a normal vehicle which providing a substantial firepower boost in the form of the dual Guardian Cannons and the AA Rockets.
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Adaptive Armor

When used, the support power will cost a Titan around half of its hit points, excluding enemy fire. But with Adaptive Armor, researched from the Tech Center, the loss of hit points is only 1/4. As a result using Adaptive Armor in conjunction to the Railgun Accelerator is well worth the use.

In addition you also gain EMP immunity. The main drawback of Adaptive Armor is a lowered rate of fire, however with the support power enabled, this disadvantage is far surpassed and leaves you with a deadly combination of units which have increased health and rate of fire.

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  • If employed properly, the loss of hit points is nothing compared to the amount of damage that this support power can allow your units to unleash.
  • When used on its own, it can be a gamble. But when used in conjunction with repair units and Adaptive Armour - the support power becomes much less of a gamble and even more formidable.
  • Use it correctly and it has the serious potential to swing a situation that looked dire, swiftly into your favor.