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Kane's Wrath Short Story: Triple Decision Part 1

By Eph2.8-9 - 6th January 2011 - 15:41 PM

Delve into the lore of Command & Conquer with this tale of treachery, intrigue, and conflict set amidst the battlefields of Kane's Wrath!

Triple Decision, Part 1

0340 hours, 11 December 2050, Red Zone R-7

The last black-suited infiltrator fell with a gasp, plunging to the ground lifelessly as a line of high-explosive 20mm rounds stitched their way across his body. The high-caliber ammunition tore chunks of suit and body parts away with each impact, spattering the concrete pavement with blood. The Watchtower’s guns remained trained on his position as GDI Pitbulls and Riflemen closed in, but no further intruders were left inside the GDI compound. With his death, the latest assault on ZOCOM’s Onyx Base ended.

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Twenty kilometers away, two sets of eyes watched the last Shadow Team member fall in a hail of bullets. One of them, the larger of the two, dressed in the heavy fully-enclosed battle garb of a Nod Confessor, grumbled in an accent that belied his British ancestry.

“Bloody lot of good that did,” he muttered dejectedly. “A dozen trained infiltrators lying dead over there and fat lot of nothing to show for it.”

His companion, a petite woman with dyed-red hair and an Amazonian appearance, seemed far less perturbed. When she spoke, her voice was calm to the point of dispassionate, and yet laced with a steely edge. Any accent she had once had had been erased by years of training and aside from a vaguely Caucasian complexion, she had little in the way of identifying features.

“I told the general it would never work. Now it’s my turn to come up with a plan to reach Dr. Sarkov.”

“It’d better be a good one, Sister,” the Confessor warned. “If three Shadow Teams couldn’t penetrate the base security and get one bloody bomb off to kill that pesky scientist, then how do you expect to do so?”

“Don’t worry, Brother Aloysius. My plan won’t require any of us to so much as set foot inside that little fortress the ZOCOM slugs have so painstakingly constructed to house their sonics research.”

“Then how’d you expect to kill Sarkov?”

“Simple. We have ZOCOM kill him for us,” the commando said with a sardonic smile. “All we need is a little distraction and the proper motivation."

“Great. I can’t wait to hear this one,” the Confessor muttered.

“Come, brother. Back to the Reckoner. There’s work to be done.”