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Kanes Wrath

Khufu v Voddy

#51vOddy  Aug 20 2012, 13:18 PM -
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Hahahahaha, people are still watching this game

What a fateful day it was when I decided to mass stealth tanks for the lulz.

If I had played seriously the entire time, I don't think I would have been in so many popular replays.

Without further ado, enjoy the show of stupidity! And let's get this turd in to the hall of fame! biggrin.gif

It's nice to hear back from you. Please do me and all of us a favor and start playing again because I really think you were one of the very few players who owned, and def. the fastest player of all time. You were also master of illegal ref/warf placement, if you know what a i mean smile.gif

I'm even willing to pay a small amount to see you in action. These days this game is run by wanabe pros like bikerush and spec. Your skill level is above them all but I want you to prove it so we can close the case of who the best player is, once and for all.

I don't think there was one best player of all time. Who the best was alternated between a number of players. It is possible that for a few short times I was.

I don't think I will play the game again. It is too frustrating to deal with imbalances and game breaking bugs. And I don't like CGF's balancing.
#52Im_so_muslim^^  Aug 21 2012, 04:17 AM -
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which imbalances do you speak of? Not all factions are created equal. You can pick a faction that favors a particular map and stick with it. There's very few bugs to the game that could really screw you up. The most common bug is the harv glitch but it's too predictable and easily fixed on the fly. The use of glitches like teleporting emped hexas are of course illegal in tournaments. Despite all the imbalances you speak of, KW is an excellent game and keeps the fans busy all day. I'm sure you'll be back sooner or later, most def. when G2 comes out.
#53wilsonk170  Apr 6 2013, 22:32 PM -
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srr for the bump up :X
#54RikonVan  Dec 4 2013, 09:28 AM -
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which imbalances do you speak of? .... I'm sure you'll be back sooner or later, most def. when G2 comes out.

Voddy speaks of one clicks (won clicks tongue.gif) and other things i got the same opinion on.

Voddy said he will play G2 if its balanced and it wasnt, it even got cancelled. So he was right there, EA screwed up again.

It's sad that the 1.03 version isnt played at all. So why doesn't voddy contact cgf and they make further balance changes? The worst thing that could happen is that players play 1.03 biggrin.gif

Interesting question: Where is Khufuuuu??? What is he doing right now and why did he quit the game, too?
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