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Kanes Wrath

Unleashed VS LiangHuBBB - Best 1.02 game

#1Unleashed_UA  Dec 25 2008, 15:50 PM -
Replays: 462 Game:
Epic battle - enjoy
#2atdsutm  Dec 25 2008, 16:06 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
IMMEDIATELY WATCHING....................
#3visdom0  Dec 25 2008, 17:28 PM -
Gonna watch biggrin.gif MERRY CHRISTMAS banana.gif banana.gif
#4benblue20  Dec 26 2008, 00:21 AM -
Replays: 10 Game:
Good match. Wubbed.
#5babiking  Dec 26 2008, 01:10 AM -
Replays: 4 Game:
gg! wubbed!!!!
#6RCdelta620  Dec 26 2008, 04:25 AM -
Replays: 13 Game:
GG and wubbed.
#7X-Flame  Dec 26 2008, 10:47 AM -
Replays: 3 Game:
Wub! No real orca use in a GDI vs ST match = win!
#8ItWasntMe  Dec 27 2008, 13:35 PM -
Replays: 150 Game:
one of the best games of talons u ever will see.
great mix of units and orbit controle use.

the lack of use of Orcas from gdi against talons lets him get a strong ground defence and then its more or less a gg.

to make this look so simple its realy hard work deep under.
Both player are highskilled.

wubbed for the nonstop cracy action and perceptiveness of counteractions

If u are a talon player, this is a must see.
Book of 101 in buildningorder.
#10Blood Baron  Dec 28 2008, 13:33 PM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Easily one of the best GDI Mirrors out there biggrin.gif

MARVs UNLEASHED!! Nice, micro by both sides, lots of harrassments....good eco management, too!! cheers
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