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Kanes Wrath

LoCk-On^ vs -MaD|RiPPeR

#1LoCk-On^  Apr 1 2008, 22:50 PM -
Ok this is the first replay I've had that I consider worthy of posting as it was absolutely crazy with a lot of action smile.gif

ZOCOM vs Traveller 59

#2-iceblade^  Apr 1 2008, 23:04 PM -
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i'll review this. I want to see how you play, tbh.

it ought to be up today (wednesday) but i'm not so sure when
#3iMPaCT`  Apr 2 2008, 00:37 AM -
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i was fortunate to spectate this game smile.gif really action packed
#4EcKo*  Apr 2 2008, 00:48 AM -
Cmon guys i played was too aggressively and wasted alotta units needlessly...... This game was mad fun tho biggrin.gif Plz nerf tho helis...PLEASE
#5LoCk-On^  Apr 2 2008, 01:07 AM -
You harassed me like mad lol tongue.gif "Favourite unit: Rocket Harvester" <- says everything laugh.gif

I never held an expansion for long enough to get a stable economy! Had I held an expansion long enough I woulda pulled out a MARV. Those helis cost like 2800 a piece with the zone raiders in em, not to mention the AP bullets and Ceramic armor upgrades!! If I had say 5 with zone raiders, thats like $14000 (think how much you could get for that.....6 mammoths, or almost 4 annihilators in the case of scrin ohmy.gif So I don't think they're OP lol (and I assume you're kidding) because GDI is nothing much late game without them biggrin.gif

I think you played better than you're giving yourself credit for though, you did a lot right! You got so many of my harvesters like I said, and you killed every expansion I tried to get. You even killed my crane and control centre structure while I had a tech center on que. That delayed the zone raiders by so much as I rebuilt the crane and rebuilt the control centre before I could tech safely tongue.gif
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#6AgmLauncher  Apr 2 2008, 01:23 AM -

The best KW match I've seen yet. Very fun, lots of action, SMALL ARMIES WITH DETAILED MICRO!!!!

OMFG drol.gif

Edit, first replay I've watched where I didn't want to fast forward, which is good, since you sort of can't in this game...
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#7Infinity`  Apr 2 2008, 02:08 AM -
Very excellent replay. I think it shows that the harvestor change really implemented all the harrassment that was shown in the replay. I think the Traveler should've had better unit micro, particularly wiht his stormriders, as he lost several needlessly and could've retreated them, but very good game. Silver imo.
#8nako333  Apr 2 2008, 04:11 AM -
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"I don't think they're OP lol"
are you serius?! this KILL evertithing units ruin the game balance and ppl complain about mechapedes?this is the same SHIT OF HUMVEES/rockets or lamevees in zero hour but now is in kaneswrath greath....
#9LoCk-On^  Apr 2 2008, 04:36 AM -
TBH enough storm riders (12+) would have been able to focus their fire on each hammerhead 1 at a time and take it down no problem. And he had the map control to buy whatever he liked pretty much. He could have also used storm columns in his base.

If you're playing as nod against hammerheads you have stealth tanks with vanilla and black hand, and the speedy mantis with marked of kane. As GDI you have the super fast slingshot!
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#10beculet  Apr 2 2008, 12:27 PM -
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lol those hammerheads are way to overpower, they are incredibly fast and can take down infantry,buildings,vechiles and air units with incredible speed and precision.
You keep trying to justify the hammerheads but the fact is he tried everything in the book and still couldn't kill them, no antiair infantry,vechile or air unit could have killed those hammerheads.
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