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Kanes Wrath

Ashamed of myself :(

#1Crunk 8D  May 14 2008, 20:19 PM -
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I have been playing all MoK lately and decided i wasn't gonna risk it vs. traveler this game and went mirror. This guy was from China and lagged sooooo bad but i put up with it as he slowly beat me in lag hell sad.gif

I am only posting this because I know it will be a great game 2 watch, but I am extremely embarassed and basically shaming myself by posting this game. My WORST game ever lol.

Also i had no idea upgraded plasma turrets outrange devastators.. if I knew that... drol.gif
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#2firefoxpl2004  May 14 2008, 21:24 PM -
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very interesting game. Ur opponent went for a fast hexapod BO. He keeps attacking with the hexapod and teleporting it back for repair using the mastermind's teleport unit ability whenever the hexapod's health gets low.

like you said, your play was definitely not one of your best. You allowed his hexapod to become heroic. Even though you harvested all the expansion tiberium fields, you eventually got worn down by the relentless atacks from his hexapod.

A very interesting game that shows a couple of scrin's unique strategies.
#3Omega-1 MR  May 14 2008, 21:31 PM -
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This match sounds fun! biggrin.gif

Good thing you post entertaining replays for us even if you didn't play too well! happy.gif

Tagged for review! w00t.gif
#4Deadication03Z  May 14 2008, 21:39 PM -
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Wow I felt bad for you during that Crunk but thanks for posting because it was a good watch!

OMG at the resource difference, definately not your best game but I don't think you saw it getting that out of control or you probably would have worried more about that hexapod earlier smile.gif

Thanks for posting! Good to see someone post an embarrassing loss since it's a good watch biggrin.gif
#5Crunk 8D  May 14 2008, 22:51 PM -
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lol I watched again and dang that thing was hard to kill.. also at one point I think i built about 15 too many cultists smile.gif
#6Omega-1 MR  May 14 2008, 23:08 PM -
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Stop pointing out your mistakes while I'm working on the review... mad.gif

Another one off the list... sleep.gif

Just kidding... laugh.gif

Depending on when I get finished with everything else I'm doing you'll be seeing the review within the next hour and can expect a lot from it! happy.gif
#7Omega-1 MR  May 14 2008, 23:59 PM -
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Review done!

Truly impressive game! Mind-blowing strategy, I wouldn't blame you for being faced with something like that! GT-ovo really used a nearly perfect balance of turtling and offense with that killer-strategy... drol.gif

Wubbed, nominated for RotW (despite heavy competition) and silvered to spread the strategy (that's one of the purposes of silver btw! happy.gif)
#8FireStoRm  May 15 2008, 00:11 AM -
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#9leonardoxxx  May 15 2008, 02:49 AM -
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The strategy used by GT-ovo is much more powerful when plays with campaigns other than scrin's.
I've played with this strategy a lot. It's nearly no way for me to beat it 0wn3d.gif
I deem it's not only lol, it's a practical and brilliant strategy
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#10IvanACE  May 15 2008, 04:46 AM -
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I also played against this guy with vGDI. He used the same tactics on me, the hexapod teleportation. The nasty thing was that I thought I almost had his hexapod when i used the EMP on him and then atacked with my mammoths, what i didnt know was that the hexapod still can teleport after using the EMP attack frusty.gif

So guys dont try to EMP him it doesnt work smilie_naughty.gif
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