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Kanes Wrath

Unleashed VS d.Dackel Great Game by both

#1Unleashed_UA  Jul 18 2008, 18:03 PM -
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This really great game with quick start & non stop action from start to end. I really sad for i bad play in second half of game. I post her because Dackel no post games. But hes really good & one of best KW players. Great desicion in game & uber micro. Tnx for game...

Hes uber micro must go to Hall of Fame. I not bad play too. But hes better now... Great game
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#2RobLucci  Jul 18 2008, 19:12 PM -
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strong play by dackel, you did good too. dackel lost 1 harv and a few stanks for nothing but well played. wub
#3StoffeLL  Jul 18 2008, 19:41 PM -
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Wow, Dackel got rushed hard, but outmicroed you even harder. But he didn`t palyed his best. (Harv/Stank suicide)
#4Liang Hu BBB  Jul 19 2008, 07:19 AM -
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Hey yeah,this was a very enjoyable game.
Nice 2 see a Scrin pressure style without a devourer rush.
That was skillful played by you Unleashed.

#5StoffeLL  Jul 19 2008, 10:58 AM -
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That wasa nice rush but definitely not skillfull, Dackel outmicroed his Seeker so hard it was terrible. Coul have easily won the game in the first 5 minutes.
#6N00bKefka  Jul 19 2008, 12:42 PM -
Damn, Dackel played so well in mid-late game that i dunno what tip i can write. This is more than a match in battlecast prime!
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#7Losanda  Jul 19 2008, 15:34 PM -
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Wow, awesome match.

#8FUzziBabes  Jul 19 2008, 15:57 PM -
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#9Free1ancer  Jul 19 2008, 16:10 PM -
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Very gg! Good that you post not only wins Unlished smile.gif
I like to watch it.

Dackel selling MCV nice move. Harv yes, that heppends.

Both very pro game.

#10DarkMorgulKing  Jul 19 2008, 21:51 PM -
Awesome, wubbed. This was a ranked match, right?
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