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League of Legends News and Updates


Gamereplays Discord Server Launched! Join the chat!

Thursday, 13 Apr 2017
Hello fellow gamers! Gamereplays have opened our own Discord server, with a channel for each of our active games and more. Discord is a text and voice chat service designed specifically for gamers and gaming. It comes with Steam and Twitch integration and plenty of fun features to keep...

Happy Holidays from GameReplays.org!

Saturday, 24 Dec 2016
Seasons Greetings! All the members of the GameReplays.org staff team would like to wish you a safe and very happy, healthy Christmas and New Year!We hope this year has been a good one for you, and we hope you have many alcohol-fuelled celebrations during this festive season and of course, to...

Gamereplays is looking for Artists!

Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016
Good Day! Here at Gamereplays.org we're looking for new Artists to join our game teams! When your a staff member at any level, you'll get some nice extra perks. These include a larger inbox and access to the staff areas of Gamereplays.org. However Artists get some extra perks, which are basic...

GameReplays is proud to announce our new & improved Achievement System!

Thursday, 12 Nov 2015
A long time ago, in a time before the dinosaurs themselves, GameReplays members used to gain medals in recognition of their work. Okay, it wasn't that long ago, but it certainly feels like it! There were medals for many things: winning tournaments, uploading amazing replays, winning screenshot...

GameReplays.org welcomes modders!

Monday, 21 Sep 2015
Today I have the pleasure of unveiling the first of our new staff positions to you, introducing modders! For too long now we've been disregarding those great members out there whose knowledge is in more of a game building, modifying or map making rather than strategic knowledge. This position is...

Generals Gentlemen League of Legends Championship #1 - Annoucement and Signups!

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2014
Today I am excited to announce the very first Generals Gentlemen League of Legends 5v5 tournament! I've ran a couple of Command and Conquer Zero Hour tournaments but am keen to get more experience casting, streaming and hosting League of Legends tournaments so I've decided to start here. If all...

Patch 3.13 notes

Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013
Summoners! It's that time of year once again! Make sure you don't need to pee, with the latest patch, we are also preparing to celebrate the Harrowing! Things are going to get spooky, get ready to scare or be scared. You better take heed whilst bounding, gliding or trudging through the jungle,...

PBE Mastery Changes

Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013
Hey folks! This is FeralPony wanting to give you guys a quick heads up on the Mastery Changes coming to PBE so there aren't any surprises when it happens! It's very possible that changes will come to these masteries as we move forward with the Pre-Pre Season as it chills on PBE for a bit. So...

Team builder

Tuesday, 15 Oct 2013
Hello Summoners!Lyte here, and in this post I'm excited to talk with you about Team Builder, a new feature coming to PBE in the near future where you can queue up for a specific role, champion and position and get connected with four teammates that also preselected their preferred role. The goal...

3.13 Tentative Changes

Friday, 11 Oct 2013
NUMERICAL VALUES ARE EXCLUDED FROM PBE PATCH NOTES DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PBE (IT CHANGES!).We are always trying to improve clarity of the Patch Notes and would appreciate feedback on their format if you feel you can add anything. Except asking for numerical values. Quit it!Hey Summoners,As you...

Heimerdinger and Xerath on PBE

Friday, 11 Oct 2013
20thCenturyFaux revealed some Heimerdinger changes on PBE. Heimerdinger is one of the champions who is in dire need of a rework because his playstyle doesn't fit into this game at all and continual nerfs have made him not viable. Heimerdinger is ready for PBE. PBE is ready for Heimerdinger. It is...

3.12 Patchnotes

Tuesday, 1 Oct 2013
After a rather long period of small patches because of esports, Riot has now released another very big patch! A ton of map specific changes, some minor bugfixes and a slight overhaul of Olaf to try to make him viable once again! Other very strong champions like Ahri or Zed aren't touched, but...

Jinx, the Loose Cannon, revealed

Friday, 27 Sep 2013
Riot's latest champion has been revealed, another marksman!Fire up your minigun and take aim with a massive death launcher as Jinx, the Loose Cannon. Packing major attitude and equipped with a cornucopia of carnage, Jinx is a marksman primed to leave your foes marked for demolition.AbilitiesGet...

Competeleague, Low elo tournaments and much more

Monday, 16 Sep 2013
Have you always wanted to take part in tournaments, but you wouldn't because you knew you weren't good enough? Well then there's a site, Compete League, specifically designed for running low elo tournaments where everybody from Bronze V to Silver I can participate in. The site runs a professional...

Vote for Draven on the Gamefaqs character battle final

Sunday, 15 Sep 2013
In the The Great GameFAQs Character Battle IX, Draven has already beaten both Link (the character who wins nearly every year, except against L-block) and Mewtwo (one of the most popular Pokemon characters). Now he is in the final, facing Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid franchise and Samus...

Updated! How to counter: Vayne

Thursday, 12 Sep 2013
The old How to Counter: Vayne was a little dusty and outdated on several parts. Good news, it has been updated and upgraded to better suit the current meta and strong picks. Odd bot lane combos such as Sion Taric (still strong, but very unorthodox) have been wiped out and replaced by better,...

Samizul on Soraka & game design

Wednesday, 11 Sep 2013
A member proposed a rework for Soraka by adding several new mechanics to her spells and tuning her a bit. Samizul, a champion designer, went in depth about what he likes and dislikes about champions and their abilities. A very interesting read!QUOTEConsecration (Passive)- Ally champions and units...

Does teamwork win more games?

Wednesday, 11 Sep 2013
It takes a lot to win a game of League of Legends: focus, skill and teamwork, just to name a few things. Teamwork is especially intriguing to us (duh!), so we dug deep to find out if team players actually win more games than their solo-minded counterparts.What we found was intriguing and...

Make a splash, Pool Party is here!

Tuesday, 10 Sep 2013
So it seems Ziggs' Pool Party invitation was met with some trepidation, if not outright terror, by most of his fellow champions. Maybe posting the info at Baron pit wasn't the most inviting gesture? Lucky for Ziggs, four courageous champions thought a day at the pool was worth the risk of a...

Soraka & Season 4 updates

Tuesday, 10 Sep 2013
Morello revealed a big part about how they want to change Soraka. He also lifted a tip about their goals for Season 4 and Xelnath explained a lot of those changes. Game changing information, be sure to not fall behind in knowledge!Morello about SorakaSoraka is a tough subject. I might have to do...
Strategy Guide

Itemization Trapping

Monday, 9 Sep 2013
Building defenses against your lane opponent is a very cliche yet effective strategy to win your lane. Offensive items with a spec of defense are very common on most solo laners. Items like Hexdrinker, Seeker's Armguard, etc. provide damage and more durability. How can you create this so called...

Champion Sneak Peek: Ao Shin

Sunday, 8 Sep 2013
As the League of Legends community expands and grows around the world, so too do our influences and inspirations for the game. We thought it would be fun to give you guys a very early peek at one of the champions we're working on while he's still in the early stages. Meet Ao Shin, a powerful...

3.11 Patchnotes

Saturday, 7 Sep 2013
Patch 3.11 is live, changes to Draven, Fiora, Galio and many other champions. The changes are only small to ensure pro players don't have to deal with massive meta changes before the end of Season 3. On top of that, a lot of Quality of Life fixes have gone through (partially fixing the Minimap...

LoLReplays summons you!

Friday, 6 Sep 2013
Summoners, have you always wanted to break into the League of Legends replay scene but can't find an outlet? Are you a gifted speaker, writer, player, or editor? LoLReplays.org are looking to add all of these talents to our staff team. If you enjoy tinkering with tech, writing, playing at a high...