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Generals Gentlemen League of Legends Championship #1 - Annoucement and Signups!

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2014
Today I am excited to announce the very first Generals Gentlemen League of Legends 5v5 tournament! I've ran a couple of Command and Conquer Zero Hour tournaments but am keen to get more experience casting, streaming and hosting League of Legends tournaments so I've decided to start here. If all...

OGN Champions Winter 2012-2013 Recap

Saturday, 2 Feb 2013
Hello Gamereplays community! Today, OGN Champions Winter concluded in South Korea as Azubu Frost and NaJin Sword played it out in the finals. Many well-known names turned up, including: Azubu Frost and Blaze, NaJin Sword, MVP White, CJ Entus, and others. Here is how it went. In the quarter...

Intel Extreme Masters Cologne Gets Underway!

Friday, 14 Dec 2012
Intel Extreme Masters Cologne is now live. Eight teams from Korea and Europe battle for $50,000 in prizes and points to qualify for the IEM Season VII Final. FnaticRaidCall, SK Telekom 1, Millenium, mouseports, Meet Your Makers, CJ Entus, Counter Logic Gaming EU, and Team Alternate will all face...

Ten Things We Learned From MLG Anaheim

Sunday, 17 Jun 2012
1. The new CLG.na roster is legitMLG was the first major tournament after HotshotGG switched to jungle and had xHazzard filling in at top for Voyboy. CLG.na was still able to claw their way out of the loser's bracket after being sent down by Dignitas and fight back to claim second place in a...

Curse, CLG, and Dignitas Swap Players

Sunday, 20 May 2012
A series of puzzling roster changes announced by CounterLogic Gaming have taken place that will shake up the top tier of the NA scene.Perhaps the first domino in the series of moves was the departure of solo top Voyboy from Team Dignitas to join CLG. It was also announced that CLG's jungler...

Remaining Challenger Circuit Schedule Released

Sunday, 29 Apr 2012
Yesterday, Riot announced the four remaining Challenger Circuit events for the rest of Season 2.Season Two got off to a booming start this winter, with record-breaking events and high-end team play! Six pre-season events kicked things off, followed by the Season Two opener at the Intel Extreme...

The New, New Epik Gamer

Wednesday, 25 Apr 2012
The roster of Epik Gamer seems more or less settled with the addition of new solo top Daryl "Wingsofdeathx" Hennegan. The status of Epik mainstay and solo top Jon "Westrice" Nguyen is unclear.Announced on Wingsofdeathx's Facebook page, the move completes a series of changes dating back to March...

Turmoil in European Scene

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2012
April has been a tumultuous month for the European scene, all starting with the tournament at Gamers' Assembly in France from April 7-9, the same weekend as IPL4. Since then, players have shuffled, teams have broken up and new ones have risen in their place.Winning podium places at Gamers'...

Experience Shines as TSM Wins IPL4

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2012
Las Vegas is perhaps the perfect place to hold an eSports event, where taking the right amount of chances and keeping cool are the keys to victory. These skills both come with experience, and experience certainly shone through at IPL4.Day 1The first two rounds of the eight-team winner's bracket...

WCG Rumored to Switch to Mobile Games Only

Monday, 26 Mar 2012
Cadred.org has reported that, according to a leaked letter, the World Cyber Games will no longer continue to support traditional games, and will support mobile games only.WCG, held in South Korea, is perhaps the largest international tournament and has in the past hosted tournaments for titles...