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Changes at Epik Gamer

Friday, 16 Mar 2012
The departure of now TSM player Dyrus has had repercussions for his former team, Epik Gamer, who have today announced the bowing out of team captain Dan Dinh among other roster changes.The new team seeks to compete more in anticipation of IPL 4. In the past, the team had a more laid back...

RainMan Leaves TSM, Dyrus Joins

Wednesday, 14 Mar 2012
Team SoloMid top laner Christian "RainMan" Kahmann has announced his departure from top North American team TSM. It was announced soon afterward that Marcus 'Dyrus' Hill of Epik Gamer would join the team, completing the first roster change for the team in over a year.The move follows a...

King of the Hill Series: Week Four

Thursday, 16 Feb 2012
Hello Summoners and welcome to another exciting episode of Amateur King of the Hill (KotH). The King's throne has the heat of a nine thousand blazing suns! And we have a new team full of hungry warriors, ready to clash atop the fierce mountain to claim once more who is the King of the...

King of the Hill Series: Week Two

Sunday, 5 Feb 2012
Hello Summoners and welcome to another exciting episode of Amateur King of the Hill (KotH). We are well into our second week with an exciting match-up just over the horizon, if you missed last week's action where two top teams battled it out to be crowned the very first LoLReplays.org Kings of...

Saturday Night Fights!

Wednesday, 1 Feb 2012
Today LoLReplays is proud to announce Saturday Night Fights, a weekly event to showcase upcoming teams and provide them a chance to scrim. Starting in February, each month we'll invite six teams to play. The first month we'll handpick all six, after that, three of them will be the winners in last...

Absolute Legends Leaves CLG, Team Stays

Monday, 30 Jan 2012
After barely a month of partnership, the Absolute Legends organization has announced its independence from CounterLogic Gaming. While the management and domain will return to the AL brand, the former AL team, which consisted of Wickd, froggen, and others, will remain as CLG.eu. To compensate...

M5 Wins IEM Kiev

Friday, 27 Jan 2012
Do you really care for an introduction? Straight to the results it is!Group StageTop two teams in each group (bolded) advanced to semifinalsGroup ATeam SoloMid: 3-0SK Gaming: 2-1Curse Gaming: 1-2White Lotus: 0-3Group BMoscow 5: 3-0Team Dignitas: 2-1against All authority 1-2Team Sypher 0-3The...

IEM Kiev Preview

Thursday, 19 Jan 2012
Kiev is a fairly cold place at this time of the year, with temperatures generally hovering around freezing. Snow is expected this coming week, in stark contrast to the hype for IEM Kiev, which has been at a fever pitch for the past few weeks. Surprise twists and drama in the esports scene have...

New Years eSports Headlines

Friday, 6 Jan 2012
While many League of Legends players were returning to their normal lives, the eSports world rolled on. Here are some of the top stories going into the new year.Last Call Tournament ResultsThe absence of TSM did little to detract from the excitement surrounding this CLG-hosted event. Top Korean...

CLG Announces $4000 Last Call 2011 Tournament

Wednesday, 28 Dec 2011
Shortly after their previous Tournamentception tournament, CounterLogic Gaming announced yesterday their Last Call 2011 tournament. It will be the last big tournament of the year, barring the announcement of some unforseen, last minute event on New Years' Eve.Following our first ever CLG...