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League of Legends Features and Articles

The League of Legends Beginner's Guide
Special Feature

Clairvoyance: Patch Preview version 121

Friday, 1 Jul 2011
Based on the success of the inaugural patch preview feature compiled by LoLReplays.org, we've decided to make it a regular feature and we've named it after the map awareness spell, except that we're spreading awareness of patches and not just the map. Since there will be another patch some time...

What is a Competitive Game?

Monday, 27 Jun 2011
Humans have over the centuries always been at each others' throats for various reasons. Survival, rivalry, revenge, conquest, among many more, but us like animals in the wild, this is all part of the simple concept of life: competition.Although we still don't get women for winning at video...
Special Feature

LoLReplays 10$ RP Screenshot Giveaway!

Wednesday, 15 Jun 2011
This is the Gamereplays's League of Legends Screenshot of the Month contest, where you can win a fabulous prize of 10$ worth of RP! Get your creativity ready, prepare for great battles and raise your quality settings because here we go!The principal idea is to take an astounding screenshot with...
Special Feature

Patch Preview Collection

Monday, 13 Jun 2011
Don't have the patience to lurk the official site's forums to find out about the next patch? We at GameReplays.org have the solution for you. We've painstakingly compiled all the posts and information that Riot has released so far about the next patch to keep up to date with what's happening next...

Interview with Chauster

Friday, 10 Jun 2011
FourCourtJester eSports extraordinaire recently interviewed Counter Logic Gaming's "Chauster" about everything competetive! The interview was hosted by Moba-Champions, and is the only real disclosure from CLG about anything related to Dreamhack!Return to the League of Legends PortalCheck out...
Special Feature

GameReplays' Discussions: Summoner Spells

Tuesday, 7 Jun 2011
Flash is a very controversial subject in League of Legends. It's dominant role in the flow of matches is undisputed, but whether it is a negative impact or not, is up for debate. Are underused spells truly irrelevant, or is it merely Flashes' power that makes spells like Rally and Cleanse rarely...
Special Feature

Streaming League of Legends on Own3d.tv

Saturday, 4 Jun 2011
If you are a fan of League of Legends then you have no doubt watched some livestreaming by top teams or players such as CLGaming, Team SoloMid, or HotShotGG. Viewing these games are both entertaining and useful. Seeing how the experts do it firsthand can teach players little tricks and...
Special Feature

GameReplays Discussions: Global Ultimates

Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Another Week passes by and we here at GameReplays are happy to bring you another League of Legends Discussion! The group of BlazingToaster, Despotic, JazzHead, BlackKnightofEa, and our host Cindex debated about the impact, uses, and balance of global ultimates. In between bursts of laughter, we...
Special Feature

GameReplays' Discussions: Jax and Vayne

Monday, 23 May 2011
We at GameReplays are happy to release our first Podcast in a very long time! Meet Cindex, Jazzhead, Blazing Toaster, Despotic and BlackKnightofEa, five people hoping to learn more about the ins and outs of League of Legends through coherent discussion. The approach this time was somewhat...

Anger Management

Tuesday, 10 May 2011
There are situations where your head just gets stuck into a rage loop and, without escape, you shutdown into oblivion, letting the uncontrollable rage annihilate your conscious mind. Your body heat starts rising, and your eyes close as you beg to whatever god Mundo pleases for the end of your...